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Archetypes (White Mage)

Table: White Mage Archetypes

Baronian HealerKnown for being the birthplace of many a great warrior, Baron has a culture based around combat, to the point that even their magicians display competence in battle. These white mages practice with bows, becoming combat medics who can fend off enemies while restoring their allies at the same time.
Blood Lily AcolyteThese white mages form a bond with a flower that grows inside them, known as the Lily. This lily fuels the acolyte’s powers.
FlamebearerClerics of Aelfric, carrying the light of his eternal flame. They go on pilgrimages, healing the wounded and spreading the word of the flame. Generally seen carrying flaming lanterns that never seem to give out and to help guide others to the light of the flame.
ForgemasterForgemasters are dwarven white mages who are ritual casters and expert enchanters, able to produce their rune-graven armaments with astonishing speed. Available only to dwarf white mages.
Holy WardenThere are some white mages who take their pursuit of the light to extremes. These white mages are known as holy wardens. Many pursuit in the destruction of the darkness, and nearly every holy warden favors righteous wrath over redemption.
LinkerA linker creates and attaches a magical tether to allies to heal, buff, and control damage dealt to them.
MistwalkerWhile some try to quantify their understand of the world through study and experimentation, others seek deeper waters. By tuning their ears to mystic currents, mistwalkers count themselves among the latter. In opening themselves to the voice of the planet, in whatever form that may take, they develop a growing awareness of reality’s bounds and bridges--and in light of this grander perception of crude matter, these luminous beings may begin to blur the line between what is there and what is not, what is and what might be. To know the world through this lightest of touches is to grant some measure of control over its texture.
NetherseerThis white mage uses the power of darkness over the power of light. Choosing to wield the power of life and death is sometimes a hard choice to make.
ShamanShamans call upon spirits for protection. Their magic disrupt hostile magic, create defensive barriers, and even revive the fallen.
TemplarTemplars serve the militant arm of a church, ready to stand guard over the religion’s holy places and to be its swift, avenging arm against those who resist its truth.
Wind ListenerThe wind listener takes a sylph’s natural curiosity to the extreme, enhancing her natural skill at subterfuge and eavesdropping with potent magic. Available only to sylph white mages.