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Campaign Traits

Trait NameBenefits
Avalanche MemberYou gain a +4 trait bonus to Diplomacy skill rolls against members of Anti-Shinra groups and gain a 20% discount when purchasing goods and services from such groups or stores from the ghetto. However, you have a bounty on your head equal to 300 x your level …as a base bounty…be careful who you trust.
Child of an EsperThis ancestry manifest in a strange way- your eye, hair or skin color can be outside of the norm for your race. Select either Fortitude, Reflex, or Will. You gain a +1 bonus to that saving throw versus spells, spell-like abilities. and supernatural effects.
Clan Raised (Ivalice)You gain a +2 trait bonus to all (pick one: Diplomacy, Intimidate, or Bluff) checks when interacting with members of clans. Chosen skill is treated as class skill for you.
Shinra EmployeeYou gain an additional 300 gil at character creation and a 100 gil salary each month (for as long as you are employed). In addition, so long as you are employed by Shinra Inc. you have ‘relatively free’ access to the Shinra compound and won’t trigger security alarms (unless you do something stupid…at which point you are likely considered ‘terminated’).
Wutai TraditionalistCharacters with this trait treat all Eastern Weapons as Martial Weapons and gain a +2 trait bonus to Stealth (and are likely linked to one of the still-existing resistance groups. Stay out sight of Shinra. The shadows are your only friends.)