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Kain – Iconic Dragoon 15

Kain is incredible strong, as well as agile. In combat, he deals leaping blows, staying close to foes, but still maintaining some space for his lance.

Kain Highwind (CR 15)

XP 51,200
Male Hume Dragoon 15
LN Medium Humanoid
Init +3; Senses Perception +20


AC 28, touch 16, flat-footed 25 (+12 armor, +3 Dex, +3 deflect)
HP 157 (15d10+70)
Fort +14, Reflex +12, Will +7


Speed 30 ft.
Melee +5 Lance +33/+28/+23 (1d8+23/x3, reach)
Special Attacks Deadly Lancer, Tail Sweep (DC 26 Reflex negates prone, 13/day)
Special Abilities Pole Fighting, Hardy Landing (70 ft.), Dragoon Training +3, Sweeping Fend, Spear Parry and Riposte
Limit Breaks Falling Meteor (20-ft.-radius within 60 ft., 8d6 damage, DC 26 Reflex halves), Lancet (+4d6)


During Combat Kain likes to fight in semi-close quarters, usually keeping 5 feet between himself and his target. Kain will make jumping attacks as often as possible, capitalizing on his vital strike feat. Kain will help flank when possible, using his flexible flanker talent.


Str 28, Dex 16, Con 20, Int 12, Wis 14, Cha 10
Base Atk +15/+10/+5; CMB +24; CMD 40
Feats Acrobatic, Combat Reflexes, Improved Vital Strike, Nimble Moves, Power Attack, Skill Focus (Acrobatics), Vital Strike, Weapon Focus (Lance), Weapon Specialization (Lance)
Skills Acrobatics +31, Knowledge (Dungeoneering) +19, Knowledge (Local) +19, Perception +20, Survival +20
Languages Common, one more
SQ Jump, Armor Training +4, Steadfast Pike +4, Acrobatic Talent (Flexible Flanker, Step Aside, Predatory Pounce, Pole Vault, Crater), Fighter Training, Springing Charge, Advanced Acrobatic Talent (Shellbreaker [10/day], Super Jump), Shaft Trip, Balanced Stride, Vault, Pike Charge, Spinning Lance, Agile Charger, Piercing Lance
Combat Gear +5 Lance, +5 Field Plate, Champion Belt, Nimble Bracer, X-Potion x4, Phoenix Down x2, Baccus Wine x2; Other Gear Backpack, Bedroll, 1-Pint Flask, Trail Rations x3, Hemp Rope (50 ft.), Ring of Protection +3, 50 gil.