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Master of Coin

A master of coin is a master counterfeiter, able to substitute common metals for the purposes of using them in combat to no real loss of his own wealth; as well as more skilled with the art of the toss then most gamblers.

The master of coin is an archetype of the gambler class.

Limit Break (Su)

At 1st level, the master of coin receives the Limit Break (The First Gil Coin).

The First Gil Coin (Su): Legend has it that the first ever printed Gil was made by one of the Gods. Nobody knows who this god is, but for a short time, the master of coin summons this ancient coin. This Limit Break grants the master of coin a gil of unimaginable quality and value, and, as a free action, he targets either himself or an ally, or an enemy. The two targets call heads or tails, and whoever wins the coin flip gains his choice of bonus:

  • +1 dodge bonus to AC Bonus, plus an additional +1 for every four gambler levels after 1st.
  • +1 competence bonus to damage rolls, plus an additional +1 for every four gambler levels after 1st.
  • A DR of 1/-, plus an additional +1 for every four gambler levels after 1st.

This may only be used once on any given target, and lasts for a duration of 1 round + 1 round for every four gambler levels after 1st. He cannot pay for anything using this coin, and nobody else can touch the coin other than himself. This limit break requires only a swift action.

This ability replaces Extraordinarily Lucky (Limit Break).

Trick Coins (Ex)

At 1st level, a master of coin creates some fake “Gil”, and attaches a Belt Coin Dispenser to himself. He gets 10 1-Gil coins at 1st level per day, and slowly increases the types he can counterfeit, along with how many he gets as he levels up.

At 5th level, the master of coin begins to counterfeit 10-gil coins, starting at 5 per day.

At 10th level, the master of coin counterfeits 100-gil coins, starting at 4 per day.

At 15th level, the master of coin counterfeits 1,000-gil coins, starting at 2 per day.

At every level except 1st, 5th, 10th, and 15th level, he increases the amount of all coins he can counterfeit by 1.

These coins can only be used for combat and for the purposes of Gil Toss, and follow the basic rules of Gil Shot, except he cannot use real Gil coins for Gil Toss.

This ability replaces throwing cards and modifies gil toss.

Coin Gamble (Ex)

At 4th level, a master of coin learns how to combine his tossing with basic attacks. As long as he has one free hand, he may activate a Coin Gamble attack as a full-round action.

Using this requires the master of coin to spend 2 gil of the same type from his counterfeits. If he lands his Gil Toss, he does not lose his spent Counterfeits, and adds 1dX to that attack’s standard rolls (3d4 for 1-gil, 3d6 for 10-gil, etc.). Then he may roll an attack with his weapon of choice, adding his Gil Toss’s increased damage to his damage roll. If his Gil Toss misses, not only does he loses 2 of his counterfeits, he loses his Fortune’s Favor AC bonus until his next turn.

This ability replaces sharpened cards.

Perfect Gambler (Ex)

At 5th level, a master of coin adds half his gambler level to all Profession (gambling), Sleight of Hand and Diplomacy when attempting to haggle prices down.

This ability replaces professional gambler.