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Pom Disciple

Pom Disciples worship the god of all moogles, Good King Moggle Mog XII. Never one to dedicate to just one style, the pom disciple has a special weapon that changes shape and channels the essence of moogles long lost to time known as the ones to bring the Good King Moggle Mog XII to the mortal realm, even if only for a short time, his greatness was witnessed.

The pom disciple is a deific order of the cleric class.

Limit Breaks (Su)

At 1st level, the pom disciple receives the Limit Breaks (Everlasting Hope and United We Stand).

Everlasting Hope (Su): For a duration of 1 round + 1 round per four cleric levels after 1st, the cleric may grant every ally within 30 feet the ability to reroll a single failed dice roll per round.

United We Stand (Su): For a duration of 1 round + 1 round per four cleric levels after 1st, the cleric can select 1 teamwork feat + 1 additional teamwork feat per four cleric levels after 1st and grant all allies within 30 feet the effects of these feats. This limit break requires only a swift action.


A pom disciple performs songs from her songbook, in which are drawn from the bard song list. Unlike mages or other clerics, the pom disciple keeps a written account of her songs in her songbook. A pom disciple begins play with 3 1st level songs of her choice. The pom disciple also selects a number of additional 1st-level songs equal to her Wisdom modifier to add to her songbook. Each time a character attains a new cleric level, she gains two songs of her choice to add to her songbook. The two free songs must be of song levels she can perform. But like mages, the pom disciple can also purchase songs for her songbook.

To learn or perform a song, a pom disciple must have a Wisdom score equal to at least 10 + the song level (Wis 11 for 1st-level songs, Wis 12 for 2nd-level songs, and so forth). The Difficulty Class for a saving throw against a pom disciple’s song is 10 + the song’s level + her Wisdom modifier. In addition, a pom disciple gains additional MP for having a high attribute (Wisdom—see Table: Bonus MP per Day (by Spell Level) on the MP System page).

Performing a song also requires the pom disciple to make a Perform skill check of DC 10 + twice the song’s level in addition to spending MP. Failure in making the skill check still expends the MP cost of the song. All songs have a duration of one round + the pom disciple’s Wisdom modifier and are dismissible with a standard action that does not provoke attacks of opportunity. The pom disciple may do other things while the song duration is in effect, including other songs. Most songs have a radius of 30 feet, centered on the pom disciple, unless otherwise stated. Whenever a song would require Charisma for an effect, a pom disciple uses Wisdom instead.

Class Skills

A pom disciple adds Perform (sing) or Perform (dance) of her choice to her list of class skills. In addition, she gains a bonus on Spellcraft skill checks equal to half her cleric level (minimum of 1).

Favored Weapon

A pom disciple adds planson to her list of weapon proficiencies.


A pom disciple gains access to two of the following domains: Good, Law, Liberation, Nobility.

Deity Abilities

A pom disciple gains the following abilities from her deity as she increases in level.

Better Aid (Su)

At 1st level, a pom disciple increases the bonus granted by aid another by 1. This bonus increases by 1 for every 4 cleric levels after 1st. A pom disciple may also choose to aid with Fortitude, Reflex and Will saves, plus the normal attack rolls, AC and skill checks.

Quick Aid (Su)

At 3rd level, a pom disciple can choose to perform aid another as a move action instead of a standard action. A pom disciple may choose to spend 1 use of channel energy to aid another as a swift action, granting half the normal bonus.

Lingering Aid (Su)

At 6th level, when a pom disciple uses aid another, the effects last until the beginning of her next turn.

Guarded Aid (Su)

At 9th level, when a pom disciple uses aid another, they gain a circumstance bonus to AC equal to half the aid another bonus until the beginning of their next turn.

Burst Aid (Su)

At 12th level, as a full-round action, a pom disciple may choose to spend 1 use of channel energy to apply her aid another bonus to all allies within 30 feet (excluding herself) until the beginning of her next turn. She may choose which bonuses each ally gains.

Reaching Aid (Su)

At 15th level, a pom disciple may use aid another 5 feet further than her normal reach.

Instant Aid (Su)

At 18th level, the pom disciple may use aid another as an immediate action once per encounter.

Ultimate Aid (Su)

At 20th level, when the pom disciple uses aid another, she may provide 2 bonuses (attack rolls, AC, skills, Fortitude, Reflex or Will) instead of 1.

Pom Disciple