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Handbooks are designed to help Pathfinder/FFd20 players by giving them options when creating their characters. While you do not need to follow every step provided within the following handbooks, some will feature specific builds that may break apart if you stray too far.

These handbooks follow the same colour coding scheme which is common among other handbooks or builds guides for Pathfinder. To help with those that have difficulty with colours there is also a “star” rating, with 1 being the lowest and 4 being the highest. If any word is colour coded then it is referencing those ratings, though in the case of blue text with underlines they are hyperlinks to the specific word’s rules or reference page.

  • Handbooks Red: Bad. These are normally the worst parts of a feature or parts you should not focus on.
  • Handbooks Orange: Ok. Features that function but are not generally outstanding. 
  • Handbooks Green: Good. Reasonably applicable and can work in many situations.
  • Handbooks Blue: Fantastic. Parts you will love having or should try your best to maintain.

FFd20 – Base Classes

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FFd20 – Core Classes

FFd20 – Hybrid Classes

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FFd20 – Prestige Classes

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Handbooks B: 

Handbooks O: 

Handbooks G: 

Handbooks F: