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Happy New Years update!

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Happy New Years update!

Happy Holidays, ladies and gentlemen, enjoy this update. Races Moogles (Core Race): Added Limit Telepathy to alternate racial traits (based off FFV). Palico (Base Races): Reduced the bonus granted by Clever Cat, Natural Hunter, and Curiosity (if already class skills), […]

End of September Update!

A few changes here and there and new stuff. Races Monstrous Races: A new category of races that are above the 15 RP cost for the normal races. Beware letting players play these. Half-Gigas (new Monstrous Race): A descendent of […]

End of July Update!

Not much of an update this month, added a few features to Ninja, and 1 single new berserker archetype. Classes Bard (Core Class): Removed Auras and Grant move action. Removed the skill requirement to perform bard songs (although, still need […]

FFd20 Roll20 Sheet v1.6 Released!

Bonjour! Just some quick fixes and a small update. Expect more coming soon! Changelog Fixed a bug with skill notes not displaying properly with user created macros. Fixed a bug where CMD was not calculating correctly; it should now factor […]

Middle of June update!

Just a few changes and a few additions. Races Aegyl (Base Race): Updated the wording on Eternal Hope. Au Ra (Base Race): Changed Dragon Resistances into Daemonic Resistances and Dragon Scales into Daemonic Scales. Removed Wyrmscourged trait and Elemental resistances […]

May Update!

A whole slew of deific orders from my thoughtful members of my Discord. Appreciate all the work they’ve done. Races Nu Mou (Base Race): Adept has increased in rp cost, enfeebling resistance and Overwhelming Caster have been removed. Alternate traits […]

Middle of March Update!

This is gonna part 1 of 2 updates this month. Very shortly, I’m going into the hospital to take care of some infections, so the 2nd update won’t happen to the end of the month. The 1st update will include […]

March Update!

Lots of new archetypes, a deific order, a prestige class, and a couple of new Iconics. Races Antica (Beast Tribe Race): Added a racial archetype for Black Mage (see below) and favored class bonus for Black Mage. Bangaa (Base Race): […]

Break over! February Update!

My break is over, time to update. Races Genome (Base Race): Gains a new racial archetype for Blue Mage (see below.) Gnath (Beast Tribe Race): Gains a new racial archetype for Geomancer (see below.) Immortal (Base Race): Gains a new […]

First update of 2021!

Happy New Years, folks. Got lots of things and so little time. This will, hopefully, be the last update for at least a month. I need a break. Enjoy! Races Amalj’aa (Beastman Tribe Race): Removed bonus to Wisdom, add bonus […]