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Middle of March Update!

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Middle of March Update!

This is gonna part 1 of 2 updates this month. Very shortly, I’m going into the hospital to take care of some infections, so the 2nd update won’t happen to the end of the month. The 1st update will include […]

March Update!

Lots of new archetypes, a deific order, a prestige class, and a couple of new Iconics. Races Antica (Beast Tribe Race): Added a racial archetype for Black Mage (see below) and favored class bonus for Black Mage. Bangaa (Base Race): […]

Break over! February Update!

My break is over, time to update. Races Genome (Base Race): Gains a new racial archetype for Blue Mage (see below.) Gnath (Beast Tribe Race): Gains a new racial archetype for Geomancer (see below.) Immortal (Base Race): Gains a new […]

First update of 2021!

Happy New Years, folks. Got lots of things and so little time. This will, hopefully, be the last update for at least a month. I need a break. Enjoy! Races Amalj’aa (Beastman Tribe Race): Removed bonus to Wisdom, add bonus […]

Xmas Update!

Merry Xmas all and have a happy holidays. I hope this update finds you all snug some place warm (if in cold climates). Many, many things going on this update. This took me 13 hours (since I last looked) to […]

Sidebar Weirdness

Hey all! Sidebar is going to be rather funky for the rest of today and possibly tomorrow — we had a bit of a glitch that removed the majority of it and as a result we have to manually rebuild […]

Thanksgiving Update!

A couple of new archetypes, a new Iconic, and some changes. Races Amal’j’aa (Beast Tribe Race): Added a new Racial Archetype (Flamekeeper). Stats were adjusted. Added 3 new heritages (Brothers of Ash, Mamool Ja, and Zun), created by Ellie Shadeflare. […]

Roll20 FFd20 Character Sheet v1.5 Released!

Special thanks to Tame Rat#5351 (Discord) for accomplishing most of this update! Iterative attacks will be on the next update scheduled before New Years! Changelog Version 1.5 (pushed 10/26/2020) Character Sheet Spell failure roll on all spells if you have greater […]

November Update!

New beastman tribe races and a couple of new archetypes. Enjoy. Races Amal’j’aa (New Beastman Tribe Race): The amal’j’’aa are tall with a muscular physique, and have a very martial culture. Fitting their worship of Ifrit, enemy Amal’j’aa specialize in […]

Apologies for the site being down for about 2 weeks.

My old host decided to drop my website after a month into my 3-year contract with them and so we had to quickly transfer to a new host.