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Somewhat close to middle of July Update?

Yeah, yeah, I know. Just spamming updates. Sorry, things were building up in my inbox and I didn’t want another thousand things to update on. Races Burmecians (Base Race): Disease Immunity and Rat Empathy were moved to alternate racial traits. […]

End of June Update!

A whole bunch of archetypes, feats, and spells. Enjoy. Races Lamia (Beastman Tribe Race): Added 3 lamia heritages (Ananta, Medusa, and Undine) – created by Rav Ronso (Base Race): Added 2 racial heritages (Helion Hrothgar and Lost Hrothgar) – created […]


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End of May Update!

A plethora of new archetypes, variant race heritages, and a new deific order. Races Elvaan (Core Race): Added 4 variant race heritages (Duskright, Ishgardian, San d’Orian, and Wildwood) – Suggestions by Rav from Discord. Goblin (Beastman Tribe Race): Added Hobgoblinoid […]

1st of May Update!

A variety of archetypes and one deific order up for grabs. Enjoy! Races Au Ra (Base Race): Added Wyrmfang Brawler to their list of Racial Archetypes. Moogle (Core Race): Added Geodancer to their list of Racial Archetypes. Palico (Base Race): […]

End of April Update!

I know that this last month has been pretty ridiculous with the amount of updates in such little time. I will hopefully go on a little break. Classes Beastmaster (Core Class): Dropped HD to d10s. Chocobo Knight (Base Class): Dropped […]

Mid-April Update!

A few new archetypes, a new Iconic, and a whole slew of Style Feats! Races Al Bhed (Base Race): Added Mechanical Dismantler as an alternate racial trait. – Suggested by Fortheseen from Discord. Mandragora (Base Race): Added Malboro Kin as […]

The Night Before FF7 Remake Comes Out Update!

Some new archetypes and a new iconic. Enjoy! Races Antica (Beastman Tribe Race): Was given Unable to Cast weakness racial trait. To offset this, lowered the Wisdom penalty from -4 to -2 and gave them Natural Hunter (+2 to perception/survival/stealth). […]

Happy April’s Fool Update!

Was gonna do an April Fool’s thing, but decided against it. Some new archetypes and races are now available. Races Aegyl (Base Race): Stubborn removed from the list of racial traits. Removed Greater Defensive Training and Gliding Wings. Flight speed […]

Mid-March Update!

Some exciting new stuff for all of you. Race overhaul (all of them) and new archetypes! Races Aegyl (Base Race): Added Eternal Hope, Greater Defensive Training, Stubborn, and Illusion Resistance to their list of racial traits. Al Bhed (Base Race): […]