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A new update!

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A new update!

Going forward, I’m going to updating the website much more often (possibly once a month to once every 3 months). My workload has been piling up, this update has taken 10+ hours to finish. Races Dracobaltian (New Base Race): New […]

Monk Rework Survey

We’re now gathering feedback for the monk rework. If you’ve played the monk rework in any capacity, please let us know what you think:

End of 2023 Update

Due to uncertainty of not sure I’ll have a place to live or even have internet access in the next couple of weeks, decided to do this update early. Races Aegyl (Base Race): Removed the double negative stat to increase […]

2nd update of the new year

Hi folks, proceeding as scheduled, sticking to a twice a year updates, enjoy. Races Genome (Base Race): Added Weapon Familiarity as an Alternate Racial Trait. Mandragora (Base Race): Vulnerable to Fire now notes it imparts a -2 on saves versus […]

Dragoon Rework Questionnaire

Please fill out this brief questionnaire if you have played the new dragoon rework; we would really appreciate your feedback.

End of the Year Update

Starting this next year, going forward, we’ll be slowing our roll on the number of updates per user request. Happy Holidays, folks. Races Hume (Core Race): Unstoppable Magic changed to be Deep Magic. Classes All stamina pool classes/archetypes: Reduced the […]

Last Update for the Year

This will probably be the last update I do this year, will probably take a break besides minor updates/tweaks. Races Forgiven (Beast Tribe Race): Added Heavenly Radiance, Metallic Wings, and Sunlit Strike as racial feats. Kindred (Beast Tribe Race): Added […]

Happy Spooktober Update!

I’ll be going home soon (I hope) by the end of the month, might have 1 more update before the year is out, after that, I will be taking a break. Races Forgiven (New Beastman Tribe Race): The forgiven are […]

Financial Troubles

Hello friends, Viladin, the creator and main contributor of FFd20, has been in a pretty rough spot in regards to his finances due to health complications lately. I speak from my heart by saying that he is a good man […]

The Hopefully Get Out of Hospital Soon Update

I should be getting out of the hospital soon, probably within next month. Races Aegyl (Base Race): Lowered fly speed to 40ft (poor) and removed the extra text about load and armor. Immortal (Base Race): Added an alternate racial heritage, […]