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Lawful Good god of healing and law.

Setting solid rules and protection over creation, Alexander is the least living looking god of all, mostly seen as a construct or weapon by most sentient beings. Alexander enters into the material plane more often than the other gods due to his position, often finding it upon himself to protect and uphold the laws of the world. He has often implanted himself within the worlds he has a hand in creating, forming his body into that of castles or entire cities for his subjects to live around and for him to ultimately protect from evil.

Alexander takes on the visage of a giant machine for most of his appearances, with 2 large limb-like structures in the front he uses to tilt himself to aim his weapons at enemies. Using both magic and machine to destroy any who would threaten whomever summons him, or any beings he feels deserve his protection.

Those who follow Alexander often worship him for protection, and to uphold the laws of whatever kingdom they reside within. Often knocking out any wrongdoers to have them undergo proper trial procedure.

Titles: The Iron Colossus, Divine Judge, Kingdom Protector
Home Plane: Astral
Power Level: Lesser
Alignment: Lawful Good
Allied Deities: N/A
Portfolio: Cities, Divinity, Judgment, Law, Protection, Trials.
Domains: Artifice, Good, Law, Protection.
Favored Weapon: Knight Sword