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High Roller

Namazu are natural tradesmen that excel in the creation and sales of wares. Due to their large scale festivals, many foreigners visit, and thus, the high roller shines. Using their deceptively dextrous fins and winning personality, they alter fate and put luck on their side. These gamblers specialize in dice with quite a nasty trick up their sleeves if you’re unprepared!

The high roller is an archetype of the gambler class, available only to namazu gamblers.

Loaded Dice (Su)

At 1st level, a high roller begins play with the ability to summon ethereal dice. These dice are not magical and cannot be sundered, disarmed, masterworked, or enchanted. Upon rolling the dice, the face-up pips glow and fire missiles to hit their target, and fade from existence. With a range increment of 10 feet, the high roller makes a ranged attack and, if successful, rolls one of his dice to deal 1d6 points of non-elemental damage and is treated as a light thrown weapon like shurikens. In addition, a high roller does not provoke attacks of opportunity when throwing within melee range.

Table: Loaded Dice

Die RollStatus EffectSave Type

This ability replaces throwing cards.

Maladies of Misfortune (Su)

At 1st level, a high roller can spend 1 luck point to bring forth the maladies of misfortune and throw an additional loaded die at the target for an attack. The results of the dice trigger a specific Status Effect tied to the sum of the dice. The target receives a save of the appropriate type (DC 10 + half of the gambler’s level + his Charisma modifier) or be inflicted with the chosen Status Effect.

This ability replaces gil toss.

Deceptive Dice (Su)

At 4th level, as a free action, the high roller can reduce his Loaded Dice to 1d4 to attack against the target’s Touch AC. This must be announced before the attack roll, and can be used with the Maladies of Misfortune.

This ability replaces sharpened cards.

Fated Misfortune (Su)

At 10th level, a high roller may spend 1 luck point to alter the results of the dice when using Maladies of Misfortune. He may change the numerical value of one or both dice up or down by one but cannot change it to a number not represented on the die.

This ability replaces gil rain.

Skew Favor (Su)

At 18th level, a high roller learns how to twist the odds of fate more into his favor. He may use Fated Misfortune without spending luck points. If he desires, he can spend 1 luck point to change the value by two instead of one.

This ability modifies skew favor.

High Roller