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Magic Traits

Trait NameBenefits
Mana VisionDim light cast by Mana now counts as Bright light of the same radius, with half as much as Dim light afterwards (20 dim becomes 20 bright, 20 dim). You also gain the ability to see Mana within objects and through walls up to 30 ft from you. This ability extends to any magical light that would give only dim lighting. This effect stacks with low-light vision.
Materia SavantYou gain 1/5th your experience (rounded down) when calculating how much MXP your materia receive (instead of 1/10th). [Example: After a fight you receive 2,000 experience for your efforts, and would normally receive 200 MXP for your materia (1/10th of 2,000); characters with this trait would receive 400 MXP (1/5th of 2,000) having a faster mastery of materia than normal.]
Materia VeteranYou gain a +2 trait bonus to Use Magic Device skill checks involving Materia, and Use Magic Device is always considered a Class Skill for you.
Mighty Materia MagicAny time you cast magic through a materia, the spell’s Caster Level and DC increases by 1.
Natural ArcanaYou gain a MP pool containing 1 MP. This 1 MP refreshes at the beginning of each day.
Twice BurnedCharacters with this trait gain a +2 trait bonus to Reflex saves against materia magic.