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Neutral goddess of ice and beauty.

Caretaker of sentient beings and created in their image, Shiva is the closest to a Hume that gods get, besides Althena, as Shiva’s design is mostly of a blue-skinned woman. She often makes trips to her followers, giving them guidance and assistance, even aiding within needless wars against her worshipers. Alongside Ifrit and Ramuh, Shiva is one of the first to intervene when great threats approach their creations, holding a sort of truce among the deities to sort out the issues plaguing their lands. As a being of ice, she is directly opposed to Ifrit, if a bit more lenient than her fiery brother.

Showing herself within a medium to huge woman of blue skin, Shiva is mostly covered in, or created by, ice. She normally forms out of nearby ice, or freezes nearby bodies of water in which she emerges. She also has the ability to shapeshift into a hume form to converse with sentient beings in secret.

Followers of Shiva are normally residents of colder locales, like Shiva Hollow, she is also followed by creatures who wish to attain higher beauty.

Titles: The Empress of Ice, Ice Queen, Nix and Stiria, Child of Man and God, The Glacian, Goddess of Ice
Home Plane: Ice
Power Level: Lesser
Alignment: True Neutral
Allied Deities: Menphina the Lover
Enemy Deities: Ifrit.
Portfolio: Beauty, Children, Cold, Compassion, Ice, Love, Protection.
Domains: Charm, Community, Ice, Protection.
Favored Weapon: Longsword