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Static Hit Points

This optional system simplifies and enhances starting hit points and hit points gain through leveling. It is supposed to help low-level players and new players survive easier in the early levels by granting a higher hit point pool.

The base static hit points are only gained at 1st level, multiclassing into different classes doesn’t give you the base static hit points, only hit points gained by leveling. Each class have a starting HP plus Constitution modifier.

Archer: 20 HP
Astrologian: 15 HP
Bard: 20 HP
Beastmaster: 25 HP
Black Belt: 25 HP
Black Mage: 15 HP
Blue Mage: 20 HP
Chemist: 20 HP
Chocobo Knight: 25 HP
Cleric: 20 HP
Dancer: 20 HP
Dark Knight: 25 HP
Dragoon: 25 HP
Engineer: 20 HP
Fencer: 25 HP
Fighter: 25 HP
Gambler: 20 HP
Geomancer: 20 HP
Gunbreaker: 25 HP
Gunner: 20 HP
Holy Knight: 25 HP
Illusionist: 15 HP
Knight: 30 HP
Medic: 20 HP
Monk: 25 HP
Necromancer: 15 HP
Ninja: 20 HP
Red Mage: 20 HP
Samurai: 25 HP
Scholar: 15 HP
Summoner: 15 HP
Sword Saint: 25 HP
Thief: 20 HP
White Mage: 15 HP

To convert starting hit dice into base static hit points:

d4 = 10 HP
d6 = 15 HP
d8 = 20 HP
d10 = 25 HP
d12 = 30 HP