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Sundrop Storm

The Sea of Clouds is a sparse archipelago of floating islands, with limited resources to go around. The vanu vanu tribes that inhabit them know this, and that senseless warfare over territory would severely cripple their race’s numbers. To that end, battles can be decided before they are fought through a ritual war dance known as the sundrop. If one side does not falter in morale, they must be prepared to face the full fury of their enemies, for the best war dancers are even more fearsome in a true battle.

The sundrop storm is an archetype of the dancer class, available only to vanu vanu dancers.

Archetype Main Ability Scores:

The sundrop storm mainly focuses on STR or DEX for martial combat and CHA for her class features.

Archetype Feature Replacements:

1st Unarmed Strike, Fleet. 2ndVersatile Dance. 5thDance of the Vexing Snake. 6thKi Power. 9thDance of the Floating Step. 12thDance of Fury. 13thDance of the Crushing Python. 15thDance of the Springing Tiger. 19thDance of Death’s Embrace.

Performance Strike (Ex)

The sundrop storm may treat her unarmed strikes as if they had the performance special quality.

This ability modifies unarmed strikes.

Ritual Dance (Ex)

At 1st level, a sundrop storm gains Dazzling Display as a bonus feat. She does not need to meet the requirements for this feat, and may only use it while unarmed or when wielding a weapon with the performance special quality. At 11th level, the sundrop storm’s demoralization attempts stack with her Frightful Dance for a more severe fear effect.

This ability replaces fleet.

Versatile Dance (Ex)

The sundrop storm may use her bonus for her Perform (dance) skill in place of her bonus for Intimidate instead of Acrobatics.

This ability modifies versatile dance.

Spirited Performance (Ex)

At 5th level, a sundrop storm gains a performance feat for which she meets the prerequisites as a bonus feat. She gains another performance feat every four dancer levels after 5th. In addition, she is treated as having the benefits of the Performing Combatant feat as long as she maintains a battle dance.

This ability replaces dance of the vexing snake.

Dance of the Thundering Storm (Su)

At 6th level, by spending a ki point from her ki pool, a sundrop storm may use her Dazzling Display as part of starting a battle dance.

This ability replaces a ki power gained at 6th level.

Fearsome Display (Ex)

At 9th level, the sundrop storm takes no penalty for demoralizing the same creature again.

This ability replaces dance of the floating step.

Dance of Tranquility (Su)

At 12th level, a sundrop storm can steel the nerves of her allies. When starting or maintaining a battle dance, allies within 30 feet of her that can see and hear her performance may make a Will save against a fear effect they are suffering from, but can only benefit from this effect once per encounter.

This ability replaces dance of fury.

Master of Sundrop (Ex)

At 13th level, the sundrop storm has mastered the ritual dances of the vanu vanu. She gains Master Combat Performer as a bonus feat, but can only use its benefits for performance combat checks she makes utilizing Perform (dance). If she already has Master Combat Performer, she may instead gain a bonus performance feat for which she meets the requirements.

This ability replaces dance of the crushing python.

Dance of the Moon’s Lift (Su)

At 15th level, a sundrop storm can extend her reach across the battlefield, doubling the radius of any battle dance she uses, her Dazzling Display feat, and any applicable feat she has that has Dazzling Display as a requirement.

This ability replaces dance of the springing tiger.

Ruler of the Clouds Dance (Su)

At 19th level, the sundrop storm’s battlefield performance prowess has become the stuff of legend. Whenever she would afflict a foe with the shaken condition, that foe is instead frightened. If she would afflict a shaken foe with frightened, that foe is instead panicked. Creatures that are immune to fear effects lose their immunity versus her fear effects, but the sundrop storm can only inflict the shaken condition on such creatures. In addition, she gains a +4 racial bonus to Perform (dance) and Intimidate checks made against other vanu vanu.

This ability replaces dance of death’s embrace.

Sundrop Storm