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Table: Paladin Archetypes

Ark KnightIt’s often thought that all of those touched in divine power are ignorant of the world they inhabit; heads too far in the clouds (or in dark places) to pay heed of mortal affairs. Alas, this is often more the case than many may realize, yet not all such beings are quite as distant to the world. There are those that lead lives of epic struggle of Good and Evil with earthlier grace and wisdom, and are perhaps more dangerous because of it. These more level-headed knights are known as Ark Knights, and while they are less mystical than their fellows, they make up for the loss of divine power with greater worldly know-how.
Celestial KnightCelestial Knights are a chivalrous order dedicated to guarding against the schemes of the unliving and any plots to increase their power. The order is deeply religious, composed of devoted worshipers of their god.
Fallen KnightSome Knights seek glory, some seek redemption, and some live long enough to see themselves become the villain. The fallen knight is a paladin who has given into his anger and darkness within corrupting him irrevocably.
Heaven KnightValor, justice, and honor are the heaven knight’s lifeblood, and he would sooner cut out his own heart than betray his comrades or his faith.
Holy KnightBaptized in the divine light of the Church, the Holy Knight smites foes with powerful Holy Sword techniques.
Holy ShieldWhen faced by enemies, the holy shield reaches first not for a weapon, but for her trusty shield. With the power of light, she can ward others from harm.
Holy SwordsmanA peerless warrior who commands an entire knightly order. It is said that none can match his swordplay. These knights exchange spells for advanced holy sword techniques.
RedeemerSome paladins are outcasts, these paladins recognizes that often those who are monstrous are not necessarily evil and that sometimes even those who are evil became that way because of circumstances and misfortune. Some paladins take up these misunderstood creatures as their cause, standing up for the monstrous creatures and, when possible, leading them to the light. These paladins are called redeemers.
Rune KnightThe paladins trade in white magic and smiting evil for the ability to inscribe magical runes of ancient and mysterious power upon their weapons and armor and to perform bard songs.
StonelordDwarfA stonelord is a devoted sentinel of dwarven enclaves, drawing the power of the earth and ancient stone to protect her people.
Temple KnightSome paladins feel the call of white magic more closely than others, focusing on reaching greater heights.
Tranquil GuardianA tranquil guardian is a missionary of peace and tranquility, a soothing voice of succor in a violent and dangerous world.
White KnightThe compassion to pursue good, the will to uphold law, and the power to defeat evil—these are the three weapons of the white knight. Few have the purity and devotion that it takes to walk the white knight’s path, but those few are rewarded with the power to protect, to heal, and to smite.

Non-FF Archetypes

The following archetypes are based off of pop-culture references outside of Final Fantasy and may not fit within the theming of your campaign. Consult your DM before using them.

Table: Non-FF Paladin Archetypes

ArchonIt takes incredible focus to wield magic, but even greater will to withstand it. The archon originated with the establishment of the order, and their mandate remains the restriction and containment of mages. But the abilities archons command are not divine; they are the product of intense training and rigorous devotions. These are achievable by any paladin, although the discipline required may seem just as much a calling. Archons don’t just endure magic, they deny it, and deny others the use of it. At the height of ability, an archon simply shrugs off most harmful effects, and can completely suppress a mage’s ability to cast. They are paladins of singular focus, and none can match their dedication or effectiveness at taming those who would abuse the magical energies.Dragon Age Origins
BelmontBelmonts are entrusted with the duty of slaying undead and other creatures of the night. They wield sacred whips, bear holy crosses, and employ holy water that make them formidable enemies of the creatures of darkness.Castlevania
Holy GuardianA holy guardian focuses her efforts to defending herself and others with her holy sword and her holy powers.Jedi (Star Wars)