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True Neutral goddess of life, rebirth and mana.

Minerva is what some may refer to as a lesser god, being created by all the other gods to look after and essentially represent a planet. This Goddess was created in 1,000,000 BC and planted within the core of Aeon Gaia. She has within her all the life force of the planet’s beings, both plant and animal, which she moves around the planet to give birth to new life, take life from those that are dead and reincarnate the life force into new beings. Minerva keeps the balance of life force and beings on the planet, making sure no Mana leaves the surface.

In the form of a colossal woman, Minerva is crafted after all the other gods, hence she takes some design from each of them. She is a woman with golden hair, blue eyes and coated within golden and silver armor. She is typically depicted holding a chalice or container with flowing blue liquid. She is both guardian of the planet and recycler of life.

Minerva is mostly an unknown Goddess, as she is the one closest to the material plane, but one that is wholly detached due to her rest within the core. She does not communicate with beings. It is rare for someone to worship Minerva, but those who do are generally not questioned or looked down upon.

Titles: The Mother, Aeon’s Guardian, Mana Goddess
Home Plane: Material (Core of the planet)
Power Level: Greater
Alignment: True Neutral
Allied Deities: N/A
Portfolio: Death, Healing, Life, Mana, Rebirth
Domains: Animal, Earth, Healing, Magic, Repose.
Favored Weapon: Power Staff