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Archetypes (Summoner)

Table: Summoner Archetypes

CallerMost summoners forge a bond with a single, powerful avatar, but some summoners seek to control a variety of creatures. The caller sacrifices the power of his avatar in favor of summoning a plethora of otherworldly creatures to aid him.
EvokerSome evokers choose to summon a planar creature rather than an aspect of a primal or deity.
Iconic SummonerThese summoners form a pact with an iconic hero instead of an avatar.
Master CallerThose who can give their life in dedication to their god earns their respect and can call upon multiple gods to summon their avatars. These summoners come from all forms of life, and can summon the will of the gods in all forms as well.
Persona EvokerGiven the power to control outsiders by the gods themselves, the persona evoker seeks to control, ignore or break fate. Often using the power he is granted to go against those who aim to destroy the balance. After facing his inner demons and desires, a persona evoker gains the ability to control a manifestation of his true self as well as command the true selves of other beings.
Servant ConjurerThese summoners summon a heroic spirit from the past instead of an avatar.
Triad MasterTriple Triad is an extremely popular card game in some worlds, and some enthusiasts are able to turn monsters into cards. A true triad master is able to re-summon these monsters into battle.