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Archetypes (Black Belt)

Table: Black Belt Archetypes

BattlemindWith uncompromising mental prowess, the battlemind scans the battlefield and quickly comes up with, ostensibly, the perfect countermeasure for the fight.
Cobra DiscipleThese brand of black-belts train to be vicious and give no mercy, often employing techniques that are considered low or unethical. The Creed of a Cobra Disciple is to Strike First, Strike Hard, and show No Mercy.
Drunken MasterMost black belts lead lives of moderation and quiet contemplation. But the drunken master finds perfection through excess. Powered by strong wine, he uses his intoxication to reach a state where his ki is more potent, if somewhat fleeting.
Living AvalancheWhen a living avalanche is on the move, no one can stand in her way. Available only to kojin black belts.
PugilistNot all people of the fist walk the way of enlightenment. Some of the best bare-knuckled fighters are found in your local inn. A pugilist is nothing more than a skilled hand to hand specialist. There are many kinds of pugilists in the world. Some study like black belts, others were born in a world that forced them to acquire the skills they needed to protect what they have. Some others might just be out there testing their own limits. Stubborn by nature, a pugilist is a person who refuses to believe he is outmatched by armed foes. Fighting is their life and pushing past the ability of others of their race is what drives them to become what they are. Available only to bangaa black belts.
Shield ChampionStalwart in battle, a shield champion has perfected an entire martial discipline relying on only her hand-to-hand fighting skills and her ever-present shield. What she forgoes in weapon versatility and improved combat maneuvering, she makes up for in her ability to turn her defense into a weapon.
SpiritmasterSpiritmasters are black belts who specialize in combating the undead, laying their corpses to rest, and sending their souls to final judgment.
ThugMost black belts are highly disciplined warriors. Not so the thug. Through simple brutality, the thug aims to demoralize, intimidate and otherwise cajole his opponent into supplication.
WrestlerSome people like to grab hold of someone and pound the fight right out of them. Wrestlers can do standing locks or take people to the ground. In any case they try to render the people they fight helpless. Control is what their life is focused on. When things go awry a wrestler tends to try and get them back into order as fast as possible. Most people have never dealt with a wrestler and are surprised when they first encounter one, handing the wrestler a huge advantage in a fight.
Wyrmfang BrawlerEver worshipful of their draconic ancestors, auri often latch onto any means by which they can prove themselves linked to the powerful creatures. Available only to au ra black belts.