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Fran – Iconic Archer

Fran is a viera and thus has their dark skin complexion, thick, white hair and long claw-like fingernails. Fran’s eyelashes are black despite her white hair, ears and eyebrows. Her long ears are covered in white fur with speckles of brown fur at the tips. She has red eyes, a trait not uncommon to her race. She keeps her waist-long hair in a ponytail and leave the shorter pieces to frame her face. Because of the way viera’s feet are structured, Fran must walk wearing stilettos.

She is reserved more among people of other races and as Fran rarely displays emotion, surprising her comrades when she loses her temper. Fran speaks in a calm tone with a distinct accent, but rarely speaks to people she doesn’t know.

Fran’s goals and dreams in life are largely shrouded in mystery, but it is known she left her homeland to live a life of freedom. Although Fran likes to keep her distance, she is loyal to her friends and family. She cares deeply for her sisters in her homeland despite claiming to be their sister no longer, having abandoned the viera way of life.