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Chaotic Good god of lightning and knowledge.

One of the most in tune with sentient beings is Ramuh, the god of lightning and bestower of arcane knowledge. Gifting several magics to the world, Ramuh is seen as the top of the chain for magical teaching from divine beings. Ramuh often feels a tight connection with his creation, so much so that he even breaks divine law to aid sentient beings in times of need, or destroying potentially dangerous creations. Alongside Shiva, Ramuh makes trips to his followers to give them divine guidance, as well as finding troublesome beings to deal with them personally.

Ramuh takes on forms from a medium-sized creature, to a gargantuan one, almost always being seen as an elderly man with pointed features. His mustache and beard are severely long, even carrying the current of electricity within it. His long white robe and gnarled staff are very distinctive, along with his purple lightning. He is sometimes shown with a black or purple robe in replacement of his white attire.

Followers of Ramuh are often very magical inclined, with Dwarves and residents of Rikunla holding high faith within the bearded god.

Titles: God of Storms, Father of Magic, Indra, The Elder Justicar, The Fulgurian
Home Plane: Lightning
Power Level: Lesser
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Allied Deities: Fenrir, Ixion, Quetzalcoatl.
Enemy Deities: Rhalgr the Destroyer.
Portfolio: Elderly, Knowledge, Lightning, Magic, Storms.
Domains: Chaos, Good, Knowledge, Lightning.
Favored Weapon: Power Staff.