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The meyvn is often the leader of small guerrilla forces, honed by rigorous training and preparation. The meyvn is a preparatory combatant that can change his battle plan for the right moment. A meyvn is often close in rank to a Commander or just below a General in a militaristic or freedom fighting organization: Acting as advisors to those with positions of power.

Hit Die: d10.

To qualify to become a meyvn, a character must fulfill all the following criteria.
Base Attack Bonus: +5.
Skills: Diplomacy 5 ranks, Profession (Soldier, Mercenary, or any similar profession) 7 Ranks, Knowledge (Nobility) or Knowledge (Local) 5 Ranks.
Special: Must be part of a structured organization or Regime.

Class Skills
The meyvn’s class skills (and the key ability for each skill) are Acrobatics (Dex), Climb (Str), Craft (Int), Diplomacy (Cha), Handle Animal (Cha), Knowledge (local), Knowledge (Nobility), Profession (Wis), Ride (Dex), Swim (Str), Use Magic Device (Cha).
Skill Points at Each Level: 4 + Int modifier.

Table: Meyvn

LevelBase Attack BonusFort SaveRef SaveWill SaveSpecial
1st+1+1+0+1Rigorous Training, Engagement, Battle Plan, Limit Break
2nd+2+1+1+1Refining the Fundamentals
3rd+3+2+1+2Rigorous Training, Conditioning
4th+4+2+1+2Refining the Fundamentals
5th+5+3+2+3Rigorous Training, Greater Conditioning, R&R
6th+6+3+2+3Refining the Fundamentals
7th+7+4+2+4Rigorous Training, Cooperative Conditioning
8th+8+4+3+4Refining the Fundamentals
9th+9+5+3+5Rigorous Training, Superior Conditioning
10th+10+5+3+5Refining the Fundamentals, Regimented Prowess

Class Features

All of the following are class features of the meyvn prestige class.

Weapon and Armor Proficiency

The meyvn is proficient in all simple and martial weapons. In addition, he is proficient in all armor (light, medium, and heavy) but not shields.

Limit Break (Su)

At 1st level, the meyvn receives the following Limit Break (Unsung Prominence).

Unsung Prominence (Su): This Limit Break allows the meyvn’s focus to become so intense that he breaks the limits of mental restraint in his training. For a duration of 1 round + 1 round per two meyvn levels after 1st, the meyvn treats his ability scores as if they were 4 higher for the purposes of meeting the prerequisites for feats. In addition, he gains two temporary combat feats to add to his pool of rigorous training for the duration. These feats are lost once the duration ends. This limit break requires only a swift action.

Rigorous Training (Ex)

The meyvn gains a pool of feats that represent his training and experience. At 1st level, the meyvn may add any two combat feats for which he meets the prerequisites to this pool. The meyvn may add two more combat feats to this pool for every two levels after 1st in this class (To a max of 10 feats at 9th level). The meyvn does not have access to these feats unless he is under the effects of Engagement (see below). These feats do not qualify for prerequisites, except for other feats that are added to the pool at higher levels. If the meyvn gains access to a feat within his pool from another method (such as leveling up), then the feat leaves the meyvn’s pool and he may select a new combat feat to take its place immediately. In addition, the meyvn gains the Barroom Brawler feat as a bonus feat.

Battle Plan (Ex)

At 1st level, the meyvn can prepare his battle plans for that day’s trials. At the beginning of each day, he can make his levels in meyvn count as either fighter, monk, or black belt levels for the purposes of prerequisites for feats (these levels stack with any existing fighter, monk, or brawler levels he possesses from a different source). The meyvn can spend one hour in meditation to change the number of feats within his pool (up to half his Wisdom modifier, rounded down) to different feats. He must still meet the prerequisites for the new feats.

Engagement (Ex)

At 1st level, the meyvn’s training allows him to get into a focused state called Engagement. The meyvn can enter this state for a number of minutes per day equal to 4 + his Wisdom modifier as a swift action. This ability does not have to be spent all at once but must be spent in 1-minute increments. While under Engagement, the meyvn gains a +2 morale bonus to Strength or Dexterity (chosen upon activating engagement) and a +2 morale bonus to Will saves. In addition, the meyvn can choose to activate one of his selected feats from his pool as a free action (that can be done once per round), as if he had it naturally, while under engagement. The meyvn can make use of the feat even if the prerequisites are met only by virtue of the other feats in his pool.

When the meyvn’s engagement ends, he is fatigued for a number of minutes equal to the minutes spent in engagement. While fatigued in this way or from another source, the meyvn cannot enter engagement until the fatigue ends. The meyvn cannot enter Engagement if he is denied his mental faculties as well (such as Confused, Berserk, Charmed, etc.). Unless the feats call for their use to be in combat (such as Style feats), engagement can be used out of combat.

Refining the Fundamentals (Ex)

The meyvn takes his training even further, gaining additional benefits from his fundamental training. At 2nd level and every two meyvn levels thereafter, the meyvn can choose a Refinement. A refinement gives additional benefits if the meyvn has certain associated feats either in his rigorous training pool or having taken it as a character or bonus feat and activates the engagement ability. The following can be chosen:

Balanced Defense (Ex): The meyvn may add half of his armor bonus from his worn armor (rounded down) as a circumstance bonus to his CMD. This does not include enhancement bonuses until 8th level in this class. This bonus cannot exceed half of his base attack bonus (minimum of +1). Associated Feat: Armor Focus

Cleaving Follow-Up (Ex): When performing a full attack, the meyvn can treat his first attack as using the Cleave feat instead of using a standard action to do so. Associated Feat: Cleave

Combat Dance (Ex): When an attack would miss the meyvn, he can attempt to Tumble toward, around, or away from an opponent as an immediate action (up to 10 feet). He can only perform this ability while in light or medium armor. Associated Feat: Dodge or Artful Dodge

Combat Flow (Ex): The meyvn can convert a dodge bonus granted by a feat (by an amount up to his Wisdom modifier) into a competence bonus on combat maneuver checks as a move action. This allows the meyvn to also convert any bonuses to combat maneuver checks from feats into a dodge bonus (also by an amount up to his Wisdom modifier). This conversion lasts until the end of his next turn before going back to the original bonus. Associated Feat: Combat Expertise

Crushing Gouge (Ex): When using Power Attack or Deadly Aim and the meyvn hits an opponent, he treats any damage reduction or hardness as a few points lower equal to his meyvn level (minimum of 1). Associated Feat: Power Attack or Deadly Aim

Dueling Grip (Ex): When engaging in two-weapon fighting, the meyvn can treat a one-handed weapon in his off-hand as a light weapon for the purposes of feats and penalties. Associated Feat: Two-Weapon Fighting

Expert Reloading (Ex): Whenever the meyvn reloads a ranged weapon, he reduces the time taken to do so: hand and light crossbows become a free action, heavy crossbows and one-handed firearms become a move action, and two-handed firearms become a standard action: Associated Feat: Rapid Reload

Expert Tosser (Ex): The meyvn treats any manufactured weapon or improvised weapon (sized appropriately for him) as if it had a throw range of 10 feet. If it already had a throw range, it increases by an additional 10 feet. This applies to splash weapons as well and treats splash weapons as if they had the monk trait. Associated Feat: Throw Anything

Fast Draw (Ex): The meyvn can draw his weapons with blinding speed. The meyvn may use the Quick Draw feat to make attacks of opportunity. If the meyvn draws a weapon before or during an attack (such as a charge or combat maneuver), he gains a +4 circumstance bonus on the attack roll. This bonus lasts until the end of the meyvn’s turn. In addition, he can also draw hidden weapons (as per the Sleight of Hand skill) as a move action or as part of movement. Associated Feat: Quick Draw

Finesse Fighting (Ex): The meyvn may use his Dexterity modifier in place of his Strength modifier for attack and damage rolls with light weapons and weapons with the finesse trait. He can select this refinement two times. If taken a second time, whenever he uses his Dexterity modifier on attack rolls and his Strength modifier on damage rolls, he can add half of his base attack bonus (minimum of 1) as a bonus on that damage roll instead. Associated Feat: Weapon Finesse

Focused Reflexes (Ex): The meyvn gains an additional attack of opportunity each round. When making an attack of opportunity against an opponent, he can sacrifice the rest of his attacks of opportunity for the round to give himself a competence bonus to attack rolls for the round equal to the amount sacrificed. He cannot perform this ability when flat-footed. Associated Feat: Combat Reflexes

Improvised Ingenuity (Ex): Whenever the meyvn attacks with an improvised weapon or a weapon with the improvised trait, he deals an additional amount of damage equal to half his base attack bonus (rounded down). In addition, if he hits a flat-footed creature with an improvised weapon, he can spend an attack of opportunity to attack them with the same improvised weapon or another one within 5 feet at his highest base attack bonus. The second effect can be performed only once per round and only once per full attack. Associated Feat: Catch Off-Guard

Instinctive Assurance (Ex): Whenever the meyvn is subject to a percentile roll related to concealment, he can lower the percentage needed to succeed by 5 (for example, a goblin is hiding in smoke and gains partial concealment of 20%. With this refinement, the meyvn needs to roll 15% instead of 20). This refinement increases by 5 per 5 points of base attack bonus he possesses. This reduction cannot go below 0%. Associated Feat: Blind-Fight

Martial Artist (Ex): The meyvn treats his unarmed strikes and natural attacks as if they have the following traits: Blocking, Disarm, Sunder, and Brace. In addition, he increases the bonus to AC for fighting defensively or by using the Total Defense action by 1. Associated Feat: Improved Unarmed Strike

Potential Initiative (Ex): When readying an action, the meyvn does not need to specify a trigger condition, though he still needs to state what his action is, and when taking the readied action, his initiative result does not change. Associated Feat: Improved Initiative

Shield Trick (Ex): When making a shield bash attack, the meyvn chooses a weapon he is wielding. His shield gains the enhancement bonuses and enchanted abilities of that weapon. These bonuses and abilities do not stack with the shields if they are enchanted as if they were a weapon. Associated Feat: Improved Shield Bash

Steady Hands (Ex): The meyvn has mastered the techniques needed to make firearms hit with more accurate shots at the cost of power. When making an attack action with a firearm, he can ignore its misfire chance. However, the attack targets regular AC instead of Touch AC. When firing in this manner, treat its range increment as 10 feet longer. This increment increases by 10 feet per 4 points of base attack bonus he possesses. Associated Feat: Point Blank Shot

Throwing Expertise (Ex): The meyvn increases the throwing range of weapons you wield by 10 feet. If his weapon does not have a listed throw range increment, it gains a throwing range of 10 feet while he is wielding it. This range increases by 5 feet for every level in meyvn he possesses after 2nd. Associated Feat: Distance Thrower

Weaponized Expertise (Ex): When the meyvn scores a critical threat against an opponent, he can add his selected weapon’s critical multiplier and half his Wisdom modifier (rounded down) to the confirmation roll as a competence bonus. Associated Feat: Weapon Focus

Conditioning (Ex)

The meyvn’s focus on the rhythm of combat is near meditative. At 3rd level, he increases the bonus to Will saves from +2 to +4 while under Engagement. In addition, he may activate up to two feats at once while under Engagement.

Greater Conditioning (Ex)

The meyvn’s confidence under duress soars. At 5th level, he increases the bonus to Strength or Dexterity from +2 to +4 from under Engagement. In addition, he may activate up to 3 feats at once while under Engagement.

R&R (Ex)

By calming his nerves, a short respite yields more benefits to the meyvn. At 5th level, whenever he rests for 1 hour, he regains 1 minute of Engagement per hour spent resting. In addition, whenever he rests for a full 8 hours, he regains additional health equal to his levels in this class.

Cooperative Conditioning (Ex)

At 7th level, the meyvn’s awareness of his ally’s moves clues him in on how to best cooperate with them. He gains two teamwork feats to add to his pool of combat feats. He must still meet the prerequisites and conditions of these feats. Up to one of these feats can be activated while under engagement, otherwise, they follow the same restrictions and stipulations as his pool of combat feats.

Superior Conditioning (Ex)

At 9th level, the meyvn’s focus is so intense that even pain and magic have difficulty disrupting him. While under engagement, he converts any lethal damage he sustains into non-lethal damage up to his total Will save bonus (not counting any bonuses provided by magic items but he can count bonuses from other feats and class features towards the total) as an immediate action. In addition, while he is benefiting from Engagement and subject to any mind-affecting effect, he lowers the DC of the save by an amount equal to 1/4th his base Will save bonus (this is not counting any bonuses from feats, class features, or magic items).

Regimented Prowess (Ex)

By reaching the pinnacle of combat, the meyvn now has room to round out his repertoire. At 10th level, he chooses 5 general feats to add to his pool that he meets the prerequisites for. He can activate up to 3 of those feats while under Engagement. These feats follow the same restrictions and stipulations as his pool of combat feats.