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FFD20 Specific WeaponsFFD20 Chef WeaponsFFD20 Power Weapons

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Weapon Groups

For the purposes of feats and traits, these weapon groups count as warrior weapon groups. These groups cannot be selected for the warrior’s Chosen Weapon class feature, aside from those listed on their page. Weapon groups are defined as follows (GMs may add other weapons to these groups, or add entirely new groups):

Axes: axe-gauntlet (dwarven heavy), axe-gauntlet (dwarven light), bardichebattleaxe, boarding axe, butchering axe, dwarven double waraxe, dwarven longaxe, dwarven maulaxe, dwarven waraxe, galkan war pick, gandasa, greataxe, handaxeheavy pickhooked axe, horse butcher cleaver, knuckle axe, kumade, kumade (collapsible), hurlbat, light pickmattockorc double axepatathrowing axe, and tongi.

Blades, Heavy: ankus, bastard sword, chainsaw, chakram, combat spatula, cutlass, double chicken saberdouble walking stick katanadueling sword, estoc, falcata, falchionflambard, fuma shuriken, greatsword, great terbutje, katanakhopeshklar, knight sword, longswordmandragoran curve blade, nine-ring broadswordnodachi, rhoka sword, sawtooth sabre, scimitar, scytheseven-branched sword, sharpened combat scabbard, shotel, sickle-sword, split-blade sword, switchscythe, temple swordterbutje, and two-bladed sword.

Blades, Lightbayonet, blade boot, brass knife, broken-back seaxbutterfly knifebutterfly swordchakramdagger, deer horn knife, dogslicer, dueling dagger, fillet knife, gladius, hunga mungakamakerambitkukri, kunai, machete, madu, mandragoran leafblade, mandragoran thornblade, manople, pata, quadrens, rapier, sanpkhang, sawtooth sabre, scizore, sea-knife, shortsword, sica, sickle, spiral rapier, starknife, swordbreaker dagger, sword cane, sword-chucks, tailblade, thief sword, tri-bladed katar, wakizashi, and war razor.

Bowscomposite longbowcomposite shortbow, greatbow, harp-bow, longbow, orc hornbow, shortbow, and thorn bow.

Chef: combat spatula, combat wok, fillet knife, horse butcher cleaver, ladle of pain, man tongs, and tenderizer.

Close: axe-gauntlet (dwarven heavy), axe-gauntlet (dwarven light), barbazu beard, bayonet, blade boot, brass knucklescestusdan bong, dwarven boulder helm, dwarven war-shield, emei piercer, feral claw gauntlets, fighting fan, garrote, gauntlet, handwraps, heavy shield, hook hand, iron brush, klarlight shieldmadu, man tongs, mere club, punching dagger, rope gauntlet, sap, scizorespiked armorspiked gauntletspiked shieldtekko-kagitonfa, tri-bladed katar, unarmed strikewooden stake, waveblade, and wushu dart.

Crossbows: blaster edge, crank crossbow (heavy), crank crossbow (light), double crossbow, gastraphetes, hand crossbowheavy crossbow, launching crossbowlight repeating crossbow, heavy repeating crossbow, light crossbow, pelletbow (dwarven heavy), pelletbow (dwarven light), repeating hand crossbow, slaver’s crossbow (heavy), slaver’s crossbow (light), stonebow, and tube arrow shooter, underwater heavy crossbow, and underwater light crossbow.

Doublebo staff, boarding gaff, chain-hammer, chain speardire flaildouble walking stick katana, double-chained kama, dwarven double waraxe, dwarven urgrosh, gnome battle ladder, gnome hooked hammer, halfling double sling, kusarigamamonk’s spadeorc double axe, quarterstaff, taiaha, thief sword, two-bladed sword, and weighted spear.

Firearms: all one-handed, two-handed, and siege firearms.

Flailsbattle poibladed scarf, cat-o’-nine-tails, chain speardire flaildouble chained kama, dwarven dorn-dergar, flailpole, flying talon, flindbar, flying blade, gnome pincher, halfling rope-shot, heavy flail, kusarigama, kyoketsu shoge, light flail, meteor hammer, morningstar, nine-section whip, nunchaku, sansetsukonscorpion whip, spiked chain, urumi, and whip.

Gunarms: all one-handed, two-handed, and double weapon gun arms.

Hammersaklysbattle aspergillum, chain-hammer, club, combat wok, dwarven longhammer, dwarven maulaxe, earth breaker, gnome piston maul, greatclub, hanbo, heavy mace, knobkerrie, lantern staff, light hammer, light macemere club, piston maul, planson, ram hammer (dwarven), sphinx hammer (dwarven), taiaha, tenderizer, tetsubowahaika, and warhammer.

Monkbo staffbrass knucklesbutterfly swordcestusdan bong, deer horn knife, double chained kamadouble chicken saber, emei piercer, fighting fan, hanbo, handwraps, jutte, kama, kusarigama, kyoketsu shoge, lungshuan tamo, monk’s spadenine-ring broadsword, nine-section whip, nunchakuquarterstaffrope dartsai, sanpkhang, sansetsukon, seven-branched swordshang gou, shuriken, siangham, temple swordtiger forktonfatraveling kettletri-point double-edged swordunarmed strikeurumi, and wushu dart.

Natural: feral claw gauntlets, handwraps, all natural weapons (such as bite, claw, gore, tail, and wing), and unarmed strike.

Polearmsbardichebec de corbinbill, boarding gaff, crook, fauchard, flailpole, giant-sticker (dwarven), glaive, glaive-guisarme, gnome ripsaw glaive, guisarmehalberdhooked lance, horsechopper, lucerne hammer, mancatchermonk’s spadenaginatanodachi, ogre hook, qu battle fork, ranseurrhomphaiatepoztopilli, and tiger fork.

Power Weapons: animated doll, power flail, power multi-rod, power multi-staff, power pole, power rod, and power staff.

Siege engines: Ballista, bombard, catapult, corvus, firedrake, firewyrm, gallery, ram, siege tower, springal, trebuchet, and all other siege engines.

Spearsamentum, barbed spear, boar spear, boarding pike, chain spear, doru, double spear, flask pike, harpoon, injection spear, javelin, ladle of pain, lance, longspear, mandragoran branched spear, orc skull ram, pilum, planson, sarissa, shortspearsibatspear, spear-sling, stormshaft javelin, syringe spear, tiger fork, totem spear, trident, and weighted spear.

Thrownaklysamentumatlatl, blitzball, blitzball (spiked), blowgunbolasboomerangbrutal bolas, chain-hammer, chakramclub, crystal chakram, daggerdart, deer horn knife, dire bolas, dueling dagger, doru, flask thrower, fuma shuriken, grappling hook, halfling double sling, halfling sling staffharpoonhunga munga, hurlbat, javelin, jolting dart, kestros, knobkerrie, kunai, lasso, light hammer, net, phaleros, pilum, poisoned sand tube, ram hammer (dwarven), rope dartshortspearshuriken, shrillshaft javelin, sibatslingsling glove, snag net, spear, sphinx hammer (dwarven), starknife, stingchuck, stormshaft javelin, syringe spear, throwing arrow cord, throwing axe, throwing shield, trident, wahaika, and wushu dart.

TribalClubdagger, feral claw gauntlets, greatclubhandaxeheavy shieldlight shield, shortspearspearthrowing axe, and unarmed strike.

Pathfinder Ported Weapons

The following are weapons from Pathfinder that are either straight ports or altered slightly to fit FFd20.

Pathfinder Melee Weapons

FFd20 WeaponsCost (gil)Dmg (S)Dmg (M)CriticalWeightTypeSpecial
0.10See text

FFd20 Specific Weapons

The following are special FFd20 equipment. Check here for standard Pathfinder weapons.

Table: FFd20 Melee Weapons

FFd20 WeaponsCost (gil)Dmg (S)Dmg (M)CriticalWeightTypeSpecial
2,0001d123d618-20/x210 lbs.SlashingDeadly, distracting, sunder
Feral Claw Gauntlets
501d31d4x22 lbs.Bludgeoning or SlashingSee text
Curve Blade, Mandragoran
851d81d1018-20/x27 lbs.Slashing
Fork, Qu Battle
1252d41d10x312 lbs.PiercingBrace, chef, disarm, reach
Mandragoran Leafblade
451d31d418-20/x23 lbs.Piercing or Slashing
Mandragoran Thornblade
651d41d618-20/x24 lbs.Piercing or Slashing
Spear, Mandragoran Branched
251d61d8x310 lbs.PiercingBrace, Reach
Sword, Knight
351d81d1019-20/x26 lbs.Slashing
252d32d4x34 lbs.SlashingDisarm
Thief Sword
1151d4/1d41d6/1d619-20/x28 lbs.SlashingDouble, Finesse, Traditional (genome)
War Pick, Galkan
752d42d6x312 lbs.PiercingTrip

Table: FFd20 Ranged Weapons

FFd20 WeaponsCost (gil)Dmg (S)Dmg (M)CriticalRange IncrementWeightTypeSpecial
Blaster Edge
251d61d8x230 ft.7 lbs.SlashingSee text
51d41d6x220 ft. (thrown)2 lbs.BludgeoningPerformance, see text.
Blitzball, Spiked
501d61d8x210 ft. (thrown)5 lbs.Bludgeoning and PiercingPerformance, see text.
Fuma Shuriken
721d62d4x330 ft. (thrown)12 lbs.Slashing or piercing
2001d81d10x3120 ft.6 lbs.Piercing
3451d41d6x370 ft.8 lbs.PiercingSee text

FFD20 Chef Weapons

Weapons marked with the “chef” special quality can be used to cook as well as being a weapon. They confer a +2 bonus on Profession (Chef) skill checks for being equipped with the correct tools. Characters with 10 ranks in Profession (Chef) are automatically considered proficient in the use of these weapons.

WeaponsCost (gil)Dmg (S)Dmg (M)CriticalWeightDamage TypeSpecialWeapon Type
Combat Spatula251d41d619-20, x34 lbs.S/BPerformance, sunder, chefOne-handed Exotic
Combat Wok121d41d619-20, x28 lbs.BFire (see text), chefOne-handed Exotic
Fillet Knife101d31d4x31 lb.S/PDeadly, chefLight Exotic
Horse Butcher Cleaver201d101d12x220 lbs.B/SSunder, chefTwo-handed Exotic
Ladle of Pain221d61d8x37 lbs.B/PReach, trip, chefTwo-handed Exotic
Man Tongs101d31d4x32 lbs.SDisarm, grapple, chefLight Exotic
Tenderizer81d41d6x23 lbs.BChefLight Exotic

FFD20 Power Weapons

Power Weapons: These rods/staves are built for mages or anyone with an MP pool and a caster level. Most casters are proficient in these weapons. It requires an MP pool and caster level to use, even if you have the Exotic Weapon Proficiency with them. Magicite powers these weapons to imbue with elemental damage. All power weapons are made out of wood, except for the flail’s head and chain which is made of metal. All power weapons are counted as supernatural and do not function within anti-magic fields nor can they fire into them. Rapid Shot does not work with Power Weapons. While most power weapons can be activated with a standard action, melee power weapons can be activated with a charge.

Ranged Power Weapons have a set range of 30 feet and use ranged touch attacks rather than ranged attacks and provoke attacks of opportunity, whereas Melee Power Weapons can only attack adjacent targets with a reach of 5 feet and use melee touch attacks rather than melee attacks and do not provoke attacks of opportunity. It requires a standard action and must have at least 1 MP in your MP pool to activate.
Since they use a standard action to activate it is not treated as an attack action, therefore they do not benefit from iterative attacks or anything that would normally affect an attack action including Two-Weapon Fighting or Vital Strike nor from anything that grants an attack with a weapon such as Step Up and Strike or Whirlwind Attack. Users may still take Weapon Focus for power weapons.

Instead of using the user’s STR modifier, or other modifiers, Power Weapons deal extra damage equal to the wielder’s casting modifier, which is capped by their caster level (ex: CL of 3 with a casting modifier of +5 would equal +3 elemental damage), power flails can be wielded two-handed to multiply the modifier by 1.5x, while power poles must be wielded two-handed. Size has no effect on damage dice.

These weapons are unique in their design, in that they produce elemental damage but in such a way that they aren’t enough to heal the wounds of creatures that would normally absorb the element. If a creature with absorption is hit by a power weapon of the same element, they instead just negate the damage.

To craft a Power Weapon, the crafter must have the Craft Magic Arms and Armor item creation feat and the dark orb, elemental orb, or holy orb cantrip. They have a CL of 1 and are crafted like normal magic items. Power Weapons can only have enhancements from the Power Weapons Special Abilities table located here.

Table: FFd20 Ranged Power Weapons

FFd20 WeaponsCost (gil)Dmg (S)Dmg (M)CriticalRange IncrementWeightTypeSpecial
Power Rod
501d41d4x230 ft. (Max)3 lbs.Elemental
Power Staff
751d61d6x230 ft. (Max)4 lbs.Elemental
Power Multi-Rod
1001d2/1d21d2/1d2x230 ft. (Max)3 lbs.Elemental
Power Multi-Staff
1501d3/1d31d3/1d3x230 ft. (Max)4 lbs.Elemental

Table: FFd20 Melee Power Weapons

FFd20 WeaponsCost (gil)Dmg (S)Dmg (M)CriticalRange IncrementWeightTypeSpecial
Animated Doll
1251d41d4x24 lbs.ElementalSee text
Power Flail
1351d41d4x25 lbs.ElementalFinesse, see text
Power Pole
2001d61d6x28 lbs.ElementalFinesse, reach, see text