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Q: What is the conversion of Gold to Gil?

A: For low-cost mundane items, the conversion is 1.5x. For most things magical they are 1:1. Masterwork and enchantment costs are the same as PF. Convert gold rewards to gil at a 1:1 basis. If you want to be sure you can check the Armor pdf and the Goods and Services pdf.


Q: Can I support this system?

A: Yes, via Patreon.


Q: What form does Gil come in?

A: Gil comes in 4 forms of coins that equal 1, 10, 100, and 1,000 gil each. These weigh 1/3 of an ounce (fifty to the pound). Refer to the Gil & Currencies page for more details.


Q: Where can I find the most up-to-date version of FFD20?

A: The site is the most up-to-date version of the system, alongside the PDFs here.


Q: I found a spelling mistake or a reference to something that doesn’t exist, what should I do?

A: Go to the Discord server and go to the #website-problems channel and post there with a quote or link to the error.


Q: Will FFD20 be made for 5E?

A: No, possibly never. The workload to change from Pathfinder to 5E is too much. Among other reasons.


Q: Are there any showcases of FFD20 in action?

A: You can check the Podcasts for info on classes, or NapazTrix’s campaign in the setting of FF9.


Q: Who are the main people here?

A: Viladin created the system and does the majority of the work. The Kefkanites are moderators as well as content creators for the system. NapazTrix is the Head DM and also does some help for both the system and players, as well as advertises it where he can. You can find more contributors on the Forums.


Q: Does FFD20 have its own character sheets?

A: Yes it does, in the PDF section on the site there are 5 different sheets to choose from. You can also find a sheet on Roll20 just search “Final Fantasy D20” created by Azurift.


Q: Are there any premade campaigns for this system?

A: You can find all modules, settings and adventures on the links page.


Q: Where can I find PDFs for the classes, races, items etc?

A: Bottom of the webpage of whatever particular thing you’re looking for.

Race and Class

Q: Why are Ki Monks in FFD20?

A: Vil thinks they’re cool and his players liked it.


Q: Can I make my own class for FFD20?

A: There is a system for class creation, called Freelancer. If you want to make an entirely new class for FFD20 ask Viladin if he thinks the system will benefit from it. The system needs more archetypes than classes right now.


Q: Can a Freelancer choose not to take a scaling class ability when the time comes?

A: No, once you buy an ability, you must continue to pay points for it.


Q: Can we have Keyblade Wielders?

A: No. But also yes, check the discord #community-content.


Q: Can I stack abilities with the same name, like AC Bonus?

A: Any effect or ability that has the same name, regardless of the descriptive text, does not stack unless otherwise stated. Sneak Attack damage will stack damage between classes but not levels. AC Bonus class abilities do not stack with one another, take the one with the highest bonus.


Q: Can I stack Rage or similar effect?

A: No, any effect that has Rage in the name or replicates its effects do not stack. However, you may stack Rage and Frenzy.


Q: Can we have all non-FF related content moved to their own section on the site?

A: No, Viladin feels it would make the site look too messy and would separate out archetypes to the point that they would be missed when browsing the normal class pages.

Feats and Skill

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Gear and Magic Items

Q: Do Power Staffs/Rods gain attacks from haste or iterative attacks.

A: No. They act similar to wands. It takes a standard action to use and cannot fire more than once. Unless you have Improved Power Weapons Wielder feat or Advanced Power Weapons Wielder feat.


Q: Can Bard Songs be crafted into Scrolls, Wondrous Items or Wands?

A: No


Q: Can Blue Mage Spells be crafted into Scrolls, Wondrous Items or Wands?

A: They can only be crafted into wondrous items. They cannot be crafted into alchemical items (or Pathfinder potions if your game uses those), wands, Materia, and they cannot be crafted into scrolls or any written format.


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Spells and Magic

Q: Where are the monsters that give Blue Magic spells?

A: Most of the beasts that you learn BM from are in the Bestiary, but there are a few that come from Pathfinder itself. If a BM comes from an Eidolon those are currently not statted out, so you will need to learn those through levelling up.


Q: How are Bard Songs different from Spells?

A: Songs last for the duration listed on the spell itself or the class. They do not benefit or become hindered from anything that references spells like Meta-magic or rods, they are still affected by Anti-Magic. Starting a song provokes Attack of Opportunity. Songs are only stopped if the Bard is killed, paralyzed, stunned, knocked unconscious, or otherwise prevented from taking a free action does it get disrupted.


Q: Has X spell from Pathfinder been converted to FFD20?

A: Possibly, not all spells fit in FFD20. If you want to know, look in the resources channel on the Discord, if it is not in that list then ask or let us know within the ffd20-discussions channel.


Q: Can I teleport myself, others or items to or from Mid-Air?

A: No, unless otherwise stated you must teleport any creature or object from a solid surface to another solid surface, this is only superseded if the creature would otherwise die from the action (E.G. a water-breathing creature being teleported outside of water, or an air-breathing creature being teleported underwater). If you are falling you may use a swift/immediate spell to teleport to the ground.


Q: Can I summon a creature or object in mid-air?

A: No, a creature or object brought into being or transported to your location cannot appear inside another creature or object, nor can it appear floating in an empty space. It must arrive in an open location on a surface capable of supporting it.


Q: What type of environment do I need to be in to gain Clear Mind?

A: You must be not concentrating on anything or be travelling in bumpy conditions.
For examples where you cannot get clear mind: Keeping watch at night, riding a mount, crafting, watching a performance show or within a storm, learning spells.
Examples of circumstances where you can get clear mind: Sitting in a carriage, sitting still, resting but not sleeping.

GM Rules

Q: Can I combine PF and FFD20?

A: FFD20 is meant to be a separate system from PF but does utilise some of its mechanics and items. It’s up to the GM to decide.


Q: Can you import pathfinder classes to FFD20?

A: Not really, FFD20 is meant for Final Fantasy stuff only. Pathfinder is only used as a base to create FF style classes. We may turn things into archetypes, however. If you do wish to use PF classes you will find they are severely weaker.


If you have questions about Materia, check the Materia FAQ.