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The projector understands both the theory and craft behind light magic and illusion. They use their knowledge of both to effectively combine them, making extremely realistic holograms that can even fool the most advanced of detection magic. As their mastery of holograms grow, so do their options, including make quais-real illusions, blasting opponents with holographic lasers and even making holographic clones of themselves.

The projector is an archetype of the illusionist class.


At 1st level, the projector begins play with a holo-tool. A holo-tool is typically a rod or a gauntlet but can be anything. In order to use most of the projector’s class features, he is required to wear or wield his holo-tool. His holo-tool possess a number of charges equal to his illusionist level + his Charisma modifier. As a move action, the projector can reduce the holo-tool charge consumption of the next ability that uses such charges by two. All effects created by the holo-tool are [light]-effect and do not allow spell resistance.

If his holo-tool is lost or destroyed, he may perform a 8 hour recreation ceremony and expend 100 gil per illusionist level to make another holo-tool.

This ability replaces veil pool.

Light Mage

The projector counts as knowing all spells with the [light] school and all illusion for the purpose of crafting magic items and prerequisites. As long as he has at least 1 holo-charge, he counts as having a [light] and illusion [figment] spell of half her illusionist level (maximum 9th) for the purpose of determining the effect of [Reserve] feats and prerequisites.

This ability replaces blinding ray.

Holographic Disguise (Sp)

At 2nd level, a projector can cleverly disguise himself by layering holograms over himself, effectively replicating the effect of disguise self for a single holo-tool charge. Since it is a mere trick of light, his disguise is not automatically pierced by true seeing or similar spell.

This ability replaces mirror.

Mirror Image (Sp)

At 3rd level, a projector can spend two holo-tool charges to replicate the effect of mirror image, she may only have a single instance of this ability active at any time.

This ability replaces haze.

Project Image (Sp)

At 3rd level, a projector has the ability to project holograms, as a standard action a 1st level projector can replicate the effect of silent image, this ability cost a single holo-tool charge. Since it is a mere trick of light, his hologram is not automatically pierced by true seeing or similar spell.

At 7th level, he may instead project a major image at the cost of two additional holo-tool charge.

At 11th level, he may instead project a persistent image at the cost of three additional holo-tool charge.

At 15th level, he may instead project a permanent image at the cost of four additional holo-tool charge.

This ability replaces veil powers.

Holographic Shield (Su)

At 4th level, a projector can add his Charisma bonus as a shield bonus to his AC as an immediate action, this ability cost two holo-tool charges and lasts for 1 round. This ability does not stack with any class feature that adds Charisma modifier to AC.

At 9th level, whenever he uses his holographic shield, he may spend two additional charges to replicate mirror image as well as the normal holographic shield effect.

This ability replaces body shift and illusionary puppet.

Holographic Beam (Su)

A hologram is really made out of light, if concentrated it can be used with lethal result. At 5th level, the projector can use his holo-tool as a laser gun and he is proficient in it. A single holo-tool charge requires a ranged touch to hit and deals 1d8 points of holy damage plus his Charisma modifier, with a range of 100 feet. He may enhance his holo-tool.

At 10th level, his holographic beam gains the ability to pass through solid objects, ignoring cover (even total cover) and gains the ability to strike incorporeal and ethereal creatures as if it was ghost-touched.

This ability replaces minor illusion esoterica and moderate illusion esoterica.

Holographic Cage (Su)

At 7th level, a projector can make a complex cage out of light. At a range of 30 feet, he captures creatures in bright radiance in a 10-ft.-radius, which inspires awe or invokes fear. Creatures in the area must make a Will save (DC 10 + half of the illusionist’s level + his Charisma modifier) or be dazed for 1 round per illusionist level. Creatures with an alignment in opposition to the projector (good vs evil, law vs chaos) must make a second save if the first succeeds, or be frightened for 1d4 rounds. Undead are also frightened, bypassing their usual racial immunity to mind-affecting and fear effects. Other effects may still render them immune, however. If the creature takes damage while dazed, they gain a second Will save to shake off the effects, but creatures who enter or re-enter the area will need to make another saving throw. This ability cost 3 holo-tool charges.

This ability replaces quick veil.

Holo-Clone (Sp)

At 14th level, a projector can spend three holo-tool charges to replicate the effect of mislead as an immediate action. Alternatively, he may spend 3 holo-tool charges to replicate the effect of programmed image as a standard action.

This ability replaces invisibility field.

Holographic Summon (Sp)

At 15th level, a projector can summon holograms infused with shadow, making them partially real. He can replicate the effect of greater shadow summoning. This ability cost 5 holo-tool charges. This is a [light] and [shadow] effect.

This ability replaces major illusion esoterica.

Holographic Doomsday (Su)

At 19th level, a projector can at the cost of 9 holo-tool charges, can conjure an orbital laser. This ability fires a beam of light down from the sky within 100 ft., vaporizing a target and its surroundings on impact with a fantastic amount of light. The target takes 2d6 points of holy damage per illusionist level and is permanently blinded, with a Fortitude save (DC 20 + his Charisma modifier) for half damage and no blinding, instead being dazzled for 1 round per level. An area as small as a 10 ft. radius or as large as a 60 ft. radius (projector’s choice) is also struck, creatures taking half the damage of the target and blindness for 1 round per illusionist level. A successful save halves that damage (again) and negates the blindness completely. Creatures killed by this ability are turned to ash.

This ability replaces master of the veil.