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Magical Weapons

Table: Magical Weapons Special Abilities

Special AbilityBase Price Modifier*
Abyssal Burst+2
Earthen Burst+2
Jetstream Burst+2
Roaring Burst+2
Shining Burst+2
 *Add to enhancement bonus on Table: Weapon Pricing by Bonus to determine total price.

Table: Power Weapons Special Abilities

Special AbilityBase Price Modifier*Special
Double Charged+1Increase damage by 1 die
Triple Charged+2Increase damage by 2 dice
Gaia Powered+2Element shifting
Quad Charged+3Increase damage by 3 dice
Overcharged+4Increase damage by 4 dice
Max Charged+5Increase damage by 5 dice

Charged: Any Power Weapon may be enhanced with further magic, amplifying their elemental damage. When this is applied to a Power Weapon, increase the amount of dice where noted (1d6 becomes 2d6). In the case of multi-rods and multi-staffs, the enchanter must choose which element is increased. These extra dice are not multiplied on a critical hit. These special qualities function as a magic weapon bonus, and so count against the maximum allowance, however, they do not require a +1 enhancement to be applied. An enchanter may upgrade previous versions to the higher tier versions (Double to Triple) though they must still affect the same element.

Gaia Powered: A Power Weapon with this special quality may have any of its current elements shift into any other element (Earth, Fire, Holy, Ice, Lightning, Shadow, Water, or Wind) as a swift action. This shift cannot occur more than once every 2 rounds. This special quality functions as a magic weapon bonus, and so counts against the maximum allowance, however, they do not require a +1 enhancement to be applied.

Greater Major Specific Magic Weapons

Old, but not worn; large, but not heavy; artfully made, but not gaudy or ostentatious – This knight sword is a marvel of construction and always seems to shine with a pure light, even in the darkest night. Possibly the greatest example of a knightsword the world has known, the Excalibur is a legendary weapon that few have had the privilege to bear. True, some other swords might be more powerful, but the Excalibur stands as a testament to the principles of knighthood – honor, faith and charity to those in need. Excalibur is a +4 holy shining knight sword that sheds light as a torchlight spell. The light cannot be suppressed except by covering the weapon.
Strong Enhancing/Light; CL 18th; Craft Magic Arms and Armor; holy aura, creator must be good; Cost 98,353 gil

The knight sword in your hands fits the description of the legendary blade Excalibur perfectly – right down to the intricate carvings and the heft of the blade. Sure, it’s a different color to what the legend described, but it’s definitely the coveted blade… right? Excalipoor, the blade few men know and even fewer will admit to the fact. Whether it was made as a replica of the Excalibur and went horribly wrong or was intended as a practical joke that went horribly right is unknown. What is known is that this weapon has spelt the doom of many an unsuspecting adventurer throughout the years. Excalipoor appears to be functionally identical to the Excalibur, even acting as a +4 holy shining knight sword in training. When used in combat, however, the holy and shining abilities do not function to cause extra damage and the weapon causes only 1 damage on a successful hit. This ability only affects the current holder of Excalipoor at the time of impact.
Strong Enhancing/Light; CL 18th; Craft Magic Arms and Armor; holy aura, creator must be good; Cost 65,569 gil

Excalibur II
A blade so fine as to almost vanish when looked at the wrong way, a light that seems to not only radiate light, but actively vanquish shadow and a feeling of pure, uplifting assurance in what is truly right… this sword does not live up to the legends, it surpasses them in every way. If legend speaks of the Excalibur in hushed tones, then history itself dares not speak of the successor, the perfected blade known as Excalibur II for fear of besmirching the name of the blade. The pinnacle of what can be achieved with mortal craftsmanship, the Excalibur II is one of the strongest weapons and symbols of virtue known to man. Excalibur II is a +5 holy shining burst keen knight sword that sheds light as the torchlight spell. Additionally, once per day the user may make use of the Limit Break Honor Bound. The user must fulfill all requirements for performing a Limit Break before using Honor Bound.

Honor Bound (Su): By calling upon your desire to protect and bring just punishment to the wicked, the Excalibur II can make your desire happen. Entire swathes of enemies come under assault from what could only be described as a wave of belief made manifest, some falling while others stand in awe of the power. Any evil foe within 60 feet suffers 10d6 points of holy damage and suffers a status effect, depending on a Will save (DC 20, + the wielder’s Charisma modifier). A successful Will save decreases the damage by half and negates the status effect. If the target failed the save, the target is dazzled by the bright display of light burning his evil eyes. If the target failed the save by 3 or more, the target is also fascinated by the display. If the target failed the save by 5 or more, the target is considered stunned, suddenly realizing the ramifications of his evil ways. If the target fails the save by 7 or more, his HP is reduced to 0 and he is knocked unconscious. Each status effect lasts for 2d4 rounds or until dispelled except for the unconsciousness. A character rendered unconscious by this ability must be healed to HP greater than 0 to recover.

Strong Enhancing/Light; CL 20th; Craft Magic Arms and Armor; holy aura, creator must be good; Cost 216,353 gil