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Core Classes

ClassDescriptionHDSkill PointsBABFort SaveRef SaveWill Save
ArcherPatient and accurate, Archers are masters of the bow and crossbow.d86 + Int modifier3/4BadGoodBad
BardPerformance artists of the highest caliber, Bards’ songs buff allies and hamper foes.d86 + Int modifier3/4BadGoodGood
BeastmasterBeastmasters seek a return to the simple ways of nature, and by tooth and rage, they will attain it.d104 + Int modifierFullGoodGoodBad
Black MageBlack Mages seek nothing less than mastery over magical destruction and enfeeblement.d64 + Int modifier1/2BadBadGood
DragoonMuch like the dragons whose names are similar to theirs, Dragoons can be found soaring through the sky, not via wing power, instead with jump power.d104 + Int modifierFullGoodGoodBad
FighterMasters of martial prowess, Fighters of the party cannot be stopped once they pick up their chosen weapon.d104 + Int modifierFullGoodBadBad
KnightKnights are noble soldiers whose shield arm, once placed between their foes and allies, will not be moved.d124 + Int modifierFullGoodBadGood
MonkMonks are thoughtful unarmed fighters that have learned to tap into the Ki around them.d104 + Int modifierFullGoodGoodBad
Red MageJacks of all trades but masters of none, Red Mages will make sure that your victory will be achieved with style.d86 + Int modifier3/4GoodBadGood
ThiefQuick in hand, foot, and mind, Thieves will keep your enemies on their toes.d88 + Int modifier3/4BadGoodBad
White MageWhite Mages specialize in magic to help the party, whether heals or empowerments.d64 + Int modifier1/2BadBadGood