Cleaning off my to-do list. Enjoy!


  • Archer (Core Class): Major revision: Made extreme changes to Aim and Take Aim abilities. Changed Hail of Arrows Limit Break to Barrage. Added Bluff and Sense Motive to Class Skills. Removed Precision Shot, Deadshot, Improved Deadshot, High Ground, Threatening Shot, Trick Shot, and Hunter’s Tricks as class features. Added Archery Talents (2nd), Agile Archery (3rd), Called Shot (5th), Quick Shot (8th),.and Aim Mastery (19th). Moved Quick Shot and Uncanny Dodge to 7th from 8th. Moved Take Aim to 13th from 12th. Moved Improved Uncanny Dodge to 17th from 18th. Modified Fast Movement, Critical Aim, Volley, and Ranged Defense.
  • Cleric (Base Class): All Deific Order spellcasting are now Wisdom-based. All spell effects use Wisdom instead of the spell’s normal spellcasting score.
  • Dragoon (Core Class): Deadly Lancer now increases bonuses for every 10 instead of 5 of the DC.
  • Necromancer (Base Class): Removed Bone Minions, added Necromancy Talents (2nd). Changed Capstone ability into Lich Transformation.


  • Battlefield Minstrel (Archer archetype): Moved Stamina Pool to 2nd from 3rd. Moved Talent Trees to 2nd from 5th. Moved Ballads of the Battlefield to 5th from 4th.
  • Belmont (new Cleric archetype): Belmonts are entrusted with the duty of slaying undead and other creatures of the night. They wield sacred whips, bear holy crosses, and employ holy water that make them formidable enemies of the creatures of darkness.
  • Blood Mage (Necromancer archetype): Moved Request Aid to 6th from 5th.
  • Bonedancer (new Necromancer archetype): Created this archetype to place Bone Minions in and moved to 3rd level from 5th.
  • Dwarven Crossbowyer (Archer archetype): Moved Preferred Environment to 5th from 4th and modified it. Moved Meteor Shot to 19th from 17th.
  • Gadgeteer (new Engineer archetype): The gadgeteer specializes in applied science and uses esoteric formulas and theories developed in laboratories to create extraordinary devices that aid and support in combat. Many gadgeteers become adventurers not only to right wrongs or fight for country, but also to gather the necessary funding to continue their research and tinkering.
  • Hawkeye (Archer archetype): Moved Stamina Pool and Talent Trees to 2nd from 1st.
  • Monstrous Shifter (Blue Mage archetype): A number of changes: Added increase BAB/HD, Good Fort/Reflex saves, Bad Will, replacing creature magic/MP pool. Added Evolved Instinct (1st), replacing spell proficiency/cantrips. Added Adaptable Circumstance (2nd), replacing azure talents/advanced azure talents. Added Monstrous Anatomy (3rd), replacing armored mage. Added Adaptability (10th), replacing clear mind. Added Rapid Adaptability (19th), replacing cerulean focus. Added Dragon, Magical Beast, and Plant to available creature types to Monstrous Transformation capstone ability, as well as a clarification that only the traits are gained from the creature type chosen.
  • Necrotic Healer (Necromancer archetype): Moved Healing Magic to 1st (from 2nd), replacing bone commander, modified it. Made changes to Rebuke Death. Removed access from certain necromancy talents and added access to certain white mage talents. Added White Magery (2nd), replacing undead body. Added Transfer Wounds (3rd), replacing harm touch. Moved Power Over Undead to 4th from 3rd, replacing unholy fortitude. Moved Enhanced Healing to 8th (from 7th), replacing unlife healer. Added Healer’s Touch (7th), replacing cheat death. Added Efficient Transfer (10th), replacing unholy protection, Added Divine Seal (12th), replacing master of undeath.
  • Ranger (Archer archetype): Added Hunter’s Tricks (2nd). Moved Hunter’s Bond to 5th from 4th. Moved Woodland Stride to 7th from 6th. Moved Camouflage to 6th from 12th.
  • Skullshield (Necromancer archetype): Added Quick Infusion (3rd), replacing Lifetap. Added Superior Shielded Meld (17th), replacing Deathly Abeyance. Moved Bone Armaments to 3rd from 5th.
  • Sniper (Archer archetype): Added Precision Shots (2nd), Deadshot (3rd), Precision Aim (3rd), Improved Deadshot (7th). Moved Accuracy to 2nd from 3rd. Moved Deadly Range to 6th from 5th.
  • Soldier (Fighter archetype): Removed Unstoppable Momentum, replaced with Evade Reach. Modified Giant Weapons Wielder.
  • Stargazer (new Astrologian archetype): An astrologian who spends much time studying the paths of the stars will discover the most truly influential domains of the heavens: the constellations of the zodiac. These twelve signs dominate the events of the world from behind the scenes, and they call for a finely attuned spirit to best mark their passing. Stargazers are devotees of this kind, and their knowledge of the celestial sphere is unmatched. Created bv Virgil from the forums/discord.
  • Vampire (Necromancer archetype): Moved Vampiric Swarm to 3rd from 5th.
  • Warlock (Necromancer archetype): Added Fear Immunity (5th), replacing Fear Aura. Added Fiendish Resistance (9th), replacing Miasma.
  • Warrior Monk (Samurai archetype): Removed Unstoppable Momentum, replaced with Divider.
  • Added Extra Necromancy Talent and Extra Archery Talent as class feats.
  • Added Pirate’s Drink and Sage’s Drink to Tier 1 Alchemical Items. – Created by NapazTrix from Discord.
  • Added the following alchemical items to tier 2: Black Curtain, Brown Curtain, Clear Curtain, Green Curtain, and Silver Curtain. – Created by DMLeibfrid and Thorne from Discord.