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Lawful evil god of beastmen, chains, and twilight.

Promathia  is known as the Twilight God, and is Althena (Altana)’s evil counterpart: faceless, and bound in chains he reportedly bound himself in. His reasons are initially unknown.

Promathia was the god responsible for condemning the Zilart for attempting to open the Gates of Paradise, and called upon Bahamut to strike down their city made as a gate to the gods: Al’Taieu. Shortly after this, Altana wept the five divine tears that turned into the races of Vana’diel. However, Promathia made sure that this time the races would be preoccupied with something else to stop them from opening the Gates of Paradise. So, he created the beastmen to create eternal conflict between the great nations and people of Vana’diel. To complete his reign, Promathia seeks his own resurrection as the “Keeper of the Apocalypse,” and his death, an event that would cause every soul in Vana’diel to return to him as he dies.

He is often depicted with several circles around him, bladed wings, and chains flying from his robe.

Titles: Twilight God, Father of the Beastmen, Keeper of the Apocalypse
Home Plane: Emptiness (Sealed in Death)
Power Level: Greater
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Allied Deities: Kefka
Portfolio: Beastmen, Planes, Moon, Twilight.
Domains: Death, Destruction, Evil, Law, Void.
Favored Weapon: Spiked Chain