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Exdeath (Tree Form)A magus of supreme darkness, born from a great evil sealed into a tree. Changing to his true form, a massive tree with a face of doom and dread.

Exdeath [Tree Form] (CR 21)

XP 406,600
LE Huge plant (Archfiend, Boss, Native)
Init +11; Senses blindsense 120 ft.; Perception +40


AC 41, touch 25, flat-footed (+7 Dex, +16 natural, +10 deflection, -2 size)
hp 1080 [1344] (24d12+384)
mp 234
Fort +29, Ref +21, Will +26
DR 20/epic and good and chaotic;
Immune Aging, Berserk, Bleed, Blind, Burning, Confuse, Curse, Daze, Death Effects, Disease, Drenched, Energy Drain, Frog, Frozen, Imperil, Mind-affecting, Mini, Paralyzation, Petrification/Statue, Poison, Sap, Silence, Sleep, Slow, Squalled, Static, Stop, Stun, Weighted, Zombie;
Resist all 40; SR 32


Speed 60 ft.
Melee Bite +43 (2d8+31/19-20), 2 Branches +38 (2d6+31/19-20)
Space 15 ft., Reach 15 ft. (25 ft. with Branches)
Special Abilities White Hole
Special Attacks Chain Detonation, Death Cutter, Neo Almagest, Vacuum Wave
Burst Mode Power of the Void
Spells Known (FC CL 24th; Concentration +36)

  • 1st (DC 23) – Anticipate Peril, Blizzard, Detonate, Fire, Flame Breath, Light, Shocking Grasp, Spark, Thunder
  • 2nd (DC 24) – Blizzard II, Burning Arc, Detonate II, Fire II, Flaming Sphere, Frost Fall, Icy Breath, Light II, Poison, Recall Agony, Searing Light, Slow Magic, Spark II, Thunder II
  • 3rd (DC 25) – Aging Touch, Bio, Blizzara, Blizzard III, Detonate III, Dispel, Fira, Fire III, Haste, Light III, Lightra, Lightning Bolt, Spark III, Thundara, Thunder III
  • 4th (DC 26) – Ball Lightning, Blizzard IV, Comet, Dimension Door, Fire IV, Holy, Ice Storm, Light IV, Poisonga, Thunder IV, Volcanic Storm
  • 5th (DC 27) – Bend Space and Time, Biora, Blizzaga, Bright, Burn, Cone of Cold, Firaga, Fire Snake, Freeze, Gravity, Gravity Ball, Lightga, Lightning Arc, Poisonja, Shock, Telekinesis, Thundaga
  • 6th (DC 28) – Burst, Chain Lightning, Contagious Flame, Flare, Glacier, Greater Dispel, Hastega, Holy II, Icy Blast, Radiance
  • 7th (DC 29) – Bioga, Bright II, Burn II, Countdown, Freeze II, Graviga, Greater Bend Space and Time, Shock II
  • 8th (DC 30) – Burst II, Doom, Fire Storm, Flare II, Glacier II, Holy III, Holy Burst, Radiance II, Stormbolts, Withering
  • 9th (DC 31) – Bioja, Gravija, Hasteja, Meteor, Saintly Beam, Slowja

Str 52, Dex 24, Con 40, Int 34, Wis 34, Cha 30
Base Atk +24; CMB +47; CMD 74
Feats All-Consuming Swing, Cleave, Combat Reflexes, Extend Spell, Greater Vital Strike, Improved Initiative, Improved Vital Strike, Intensify Spell, Maximize Spell, Power Attack, Toughness, Vital Strike
Skills Bluff +34, Climb +45, Diplomacy +34, Escape Artist +31, Intimidate +34, Knowledge (arcana, dungeoneering, history, local, nature, nobility, planes) +36, Perception +40, Sense Motive +36
Languages All
SQ Will of the Void

Special Abilities [Phase I]

Death Cutter (Su)

Exdeath can make a a single melee attack as a standard action. If it hits, the target takes the damage of the attack and must make a Fortitude save (DC 34) or be inflicted with the Doom status (as the countdown spell, not the doom spell).

During Phase II, he can attempt two melee attacks with this ability. It can used on two different opponents if within range.

Blue mages may learn this ability as a 6th-level spell (Knowledge: Planes DC 27).

Power of the Void (Su)

Once below 50% health (672), this Burst Mode lets Exdeath take control of the void and bend it to his command for a number of rounds equal to 1 + 1 round for every four HD. He negates 20 resistance for any spell he casts upon his foes spells and this means he can always do 20 damage in any element type someone is immune too or reduces 20 absorption damage from anyone who can absorb that element type. He can by pass any spell resistance or DR with his weapon or spells. He is also granted one extra standard action and swift action per round, which can be used to break the usual limit of only casting two spells per round. This limit break requires only a swift action to activate.

Vacuum Wave (Ex)

Once every 1d2 rounds as standard action, Exdeath releases a dark wave of the void outward toward his target within 60 feet away. He must make a ranged touch attack (+29), if he hits, he deals 12d6 points of non-elemental damage and knocks his opponent back by 60 feet unless they make a Fortitude save (DC 34) for half of the knock back.

During Phase II, increase damage to 16d6 points of non-elemental damage.

Will of the Void (Ex)

Exdeath is protect by the void and gains a deflection bonus equal to his charisma modifier. The void also provides him with incredible strength and skill. His weapon and natural attacks deal 1.5 times strength modifier and has his critical range increased by one.

During Phase II, Exdeath’s spell will have an additional effect added to each one of them:

For any ice spells he cast, they will apply a slow status effect (DC 34 Will save to negate) for 2d4+1 rounds and a staggered status effect (DC 34 Fortitude save to negate) for 1d2+1 rounds.

For any fire spells he cast, they will apply an after burn effect which does ¼ of the total fire damage taken from the spell on the following round unless they make a DC 34 Reflex save for half.

For any thunder spells he cast, they will apply a super static status effect which has a 100% chance to jolt it’s opponents and deals twice as much damage compared to the static status effect (DC 34 Reflex save to negate.)

For any holy spells he cast, they will apply a Deshell I status effect (DC 34 Will save to negate) for 1d6+1 rounds. However with each unsuccessful save against his holy magic increases the Deshell status effect up by one and resets the duration. Example Deshell I to Deshell II to Deshell III to Deshell IV to Deshell V.

Special Abilities [Phase II]

Chain Detonation (Su)

Once every 1d4+1 rounds, Exdeath can cast three spells using one full-round action. All three of the spells must have the same standard action casting time. Exdeath can make any decisions concerning the spells independently of each other. Any target affected by any of these spells takes a –2 penalty on saves made against each spell. Exdeath receives a +2 bonus on caster level checks made to overcome spell resistance with these three spells.

Neo Almagest (Su) [Begins Phase II]

Once every 1d4+1 rounds and below 50% hp (672) as a standard action, Exdeath summons the void to suck all his opponents within 120-ft.-radius from the location he sets it. Any foe within the area of effect takes 25d10 points of holy damage must succeed at a Reflex save (DC 34) for half damage.

White Hole (Su)

Once every 1d3+1 rounds as a standard action, Exdeath releases three white orbs around his target within 90 feet away that absorb the lifeforce from his target. His opponent must make a Fortitude save (DC 34) or dies. Whether or not his opponent succeeds his first save, they must make another Fortitude save (DC 34) or they receive the Petrify status effect on top of their death.


Environment any

Organization unique

Treasure none