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Ixion, Lord of ThunderIxion resembles a unicorn, with a long, golden horn and dark blue skin and gray mane and tail. He has gold bracers on his front legs. The symbol for Ixion and Djose is annotated with the kanji for thunder.

Ixion, Lord of Thunder (CR 15)

XP 51,200
TN Huge Magical Beast (Boss, Extraplanar, Primal, Lightning)
Init +11; Senses Darkvision 60 ft.; Perception +26


AC 31, touch 16; flat-footed 23 (-2 size, +7 dex, +1 dodge, +15 natural)
Hp 609 [840] (21d12+168)
Fort +19, Ref +19, Will +14
DR 10/-; Immune Charm, Confuse, Paralyze, Sleep, Slow, Stun, Death, Doom, Lightning;
Resist Fire 20, Wind 10, Shadow 15, Holy 20, Water 10, Ice 15; SR 30; Strong Water
Weakness Earth


Speed 60 ft.
Melee Gore +28 (2d6+7), 2 Hooves +23 (1d8+3)
Space 15 ft.; Reach 10 ft.
Special Attacks Aerospark, Chaos Charge, Delay Buster, Fulmination Spiral, Lightning Horn, Thor’s Hammer, Quick Attack


Str 24, Dex 24, Con 26, Int 14, Wis 14, Cha 20
Base Atk +21; CMB +28; CMD 45
Feats Ability Focus (Lightning Horn, Thor’s Hammer), Canny Tumble, Combat Reflexes, Dodge, Improved Initiative, Juke, Just out of Reach, Mobility, Osyluth, Sidestep
Skills Acrobatics +31, Bluff +26, Climb +31, Perception +26
Languages Thorian, Common, Albhedian, Lupin


Static Charge (Ex) [Phase I only]

As a move action and while Ixion charges an opponent, he can attempt to inflict static and dazzled status effects on its target for 1d6 rounds each. The target must make a successful Reflex save (DC 28) to negate the status effects.

Aerospark (Su)

As a full-round action, Ixion fires two blast of lightning at two different enemy targets. Ixion must make a ranged touch attack to hit for each ray, and if the ray hits, it deals 3d6+5 points of lightning damage per ray.

Aerospark becomes a standard action during Phase II.

Aerospark becomes a swift action during Phase III.

Fulmination Spiral (Ex)

As a full-round action, Ixion charges in a 30-ft.-line, causing damage to foes in the line of effect. All creatures in the area of effect take damage equal to triple Ixion’s gore damage and are inflicted with Deprotect II (-4 AC) for 1d8 rounds unless they make a successful Reflex save (DC 28) for half damage and negates the status effect.

Delay Buster (Su)

Ixion bumps into his opponent delaying their next turn. This attack confers a -20 Initiative penalty for the next round upon an opponent struck by a successful melee attack; affected creatures must make a Will save (DC 22) to negate it; the save DC is Wisdom-based


Chaos Charge (Su) [Phase II+]

Once every 1d4 rounds, Ixion blasts the target with the tip of his horn. As a standard action, he attacks with his horn at a -5 penalty. A creature hit by the attack takes normal gore damage plus an additional 2d6 points of lightning damage and must make a Fortitude save (DC 25) or be stunned for one round.

Thor’s Hammer (Su) [Begins Phase II]

When below 60% health and as a standard action, Ixion calls down the judgment of the heavens, striking foes with lightning blasts. Enemies within 30 feet of the avatar take 15d6 points of lightning damage must make a Reflex save (DC 27) for half damage.

Quick Attack (Ex) [Phase II only]

As a swift action, Ixion can make an extra gore attack with a -2 penalty.


Odin’s Lance (Ex) [Phase III only]

As a standard action, Ixion thrusts at great speed and precision at a –5 penalty. If the attack hits, the gore is treated as a critical hit and deals double damage.

Lightning Horn (Su) [Begins Phase III]

When below 40% health and as a full-round action, Ixion shoots out a super-charged lightning bolt, dealing 15d8 points of lightning damage in a 100-ft.-line, 10-ft.-wide towards a direction. Creatures within the area of effect must make a Reflex save (DC 27) to take half damage.