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Leviathan, Lord of the WhorlA massive sea serpent that effortlessly controls water and rules all who dwell in the oceans. The raging swell of his “Tsunami” is enough to consume even the fiercest of foes.

Leviathan, Lord of the Whorl (CR 15)

XP 51,200
TN Gargantuan Outsider (Boss, Extraplanar, Primal, Water)
Init +7; Senses Darkvision 60 ft.; Perception +30


AC 27, touch 9; flat-footed 24 (-4 size, +3 dex, +18 natural)
hp 777 [1008] (21d12+252)
Fort +23, Ref +15, Will +18
DR 10/-; Immune Water, Trip, Sunder, Bull Rush, Petrification/Statue, Stop, Sleep, Immobilize effects except for Frozen;
Resist Dark 15, Holy 15, Wind 20, Earth 15, Ice 20, Fire 5; SR 30; Strong Fire
Weakness Lightning


Speed 50 ft., Swim 100 ft.
Melee Bite +24 (3d8+10 plus grab and 1d6 water damage) or Slam +24 (3d6+7 plus 1d6 water damage), Tail Slap +19 (2d8+3 plus grab and 1d4 water damage)
Space 20 ft.; Reach 20 ft. (30 ft. with bite and tail slap)
Special Attacks Aquawhat, Grand Fall, Spiral Dive, Tail Whip, Tidal Rush, Tsunami, Whirlpool
Special Abilities Body Slam, Ferocious Current, Submerge, Tidal Roar
Burst Mode Watery Depths


Str 25, Dex 16, Con 32, Int 24, Wis 22, Cha 20
Base Atk +21; CMB +32; CMD 45
Feats Awesome Blow, Awesome Charge, Bull Rush Strike, Improved Bull Rush, Improved Critical (Bite), Improved Initiative, Power Attack, Quick Bull Rush, Rebuffing Reduction, Toughness, Vital Strike
Skills Acrobatics +27, Diplomacy +29, Escape Artist +28, Heal +30, Intimidate +29, Knowledge (Arcana) +31, Knowledge (Planes) +31, Perception +30, Sense Motive +30, Stealth +27, Swim +32
SQ Float, Outsider Traits, Does not Breathe, Does not Eat, Does not Sleep
Languages Aquan, Common, Sahagin and 7 others


Watery Depths (Su)

Once below 50% hp (504), This Burst Mode lets Leviathan form watery pockets around himself that help protect and damage those who fight him. For a number of rounds equal to 1 + 1 round for every four HD, Leviathan gains a +3 deflection bonus to AC, adds an additional 1d6 points of water damage per melee attack, ferocious current changes (shown below), and increases all his knock back abilities by 15 feet; 5 feet with saves. This limit break requires only a swift action to activate.

Aquawhat (Su)

Once every 1d3+1 rounds as a standard action, Leviathan breathes out a wave of water in a 50-ft.-cone-radius. Anyone in the area of effect takes 8d6 points of water damage and must make a Reflex save (DC 25) for half damage.

During Phase II, increase the radius to 75-ft.-cone-radius and add in a silence effect for 1d6 rounds if failed save.

Body Slam (Ex) [Phase I only]

Once every 1d3+1 rounds as a standard action, Leviathan slams onto one of the sides of the ship tipping one side of the boat for the round. Everyone on the boat must make an acrobatics check (DC 25) or Strength check (DC 20) or fall prone. They must make an another acrobatics check (DC 20) or Strength check (DC 15) or slide 30 feet towards that end of the boat.

Float (Ex)

Leviathan can choose to have his own version of the Float (always floating 30 feet into the air) status effect continuously unless unconscious or dead when above water or land. Leviathan also uses his Swim skill to move around in the Sky instead as long as he is always 30 feet or below the ground. This effect cannot be dispelled.

Ferocious Current (Su)

Every other round as a swift action, Leviathan summons an air bubble around the head of all targets within 600 feet from himself. This bubble allows them to breath underwater, however, further casts cause the bubble to grow denser to the detriment of those affected. 1 stack gives water breathing and causes water damage to do an additional d4 points of water damage. 2 stacks causes water damage to instead do an additional d6 of water damage. 3 stacks causes all enemies within 120 ft. of Leviathan to receive a slow status effect unless they make a Will Save (DC 25) for 2d4 rounds. 4 stacks gives water weakness to all enemies within 120 ft. of Leviathan unless they’re immune then they take normal damage from water damage for 1d4 rounds instead. At 5 stacks it resets to 1 stack and grants Water God’s Boon which is a five turn absorb water buff for Leviathan. This is automatically cast as a free action at the start of phase 2.

During Watery Depths, 1 stack is now d6 water damage bonus, 2 stacks is now d8 water damage bonus, 3 stacks is slow and poisoned (same save), 4 stacks increases the additional d10 water damage bonus, and 5 stacks applies the necromancer’s spell suffocation to all targets unless they make their Fortitude save (DC 25).

Grand Fall (Su)

Once every 1d2+1 as a standard action, Leviathan can launch a blast of water as a ranged touch attack roll against a target within 30 feet. If the attack is successful (+20), the target takes 7d6 points of water damage and must make a successful Constitution save (DC 25) or be knocked prone.

During Phase II, Leviathan can target up to two targets instead of one within 30 feet apart.

Spiral Dive (Ex)

Once every 1d2+1 rounds as a standard action, Leviathan spiral dives across the boat’s deck in a 50-ft.-line, causing damage to foes in the line of effect. All creatures in the area of effect take damage equal to triple the Leviathan’s slam damage and are knocked back 25 feet unless they make a successful Reflex save (DC 31) for half damage and negating the knock back.

Submerge (Ex) [Phase I only]

On any turn not following Tidal Rush, Leviathan dives underwater, becoming untargetable and invisible from the ship. The next turn, he uses Tidal Rush.

Tail Whip (Ex)

Once every 1d2+1 rounds as a standard action, Leviathan launches a powerful tail slap. If the attack is successful, the attack deals double tail slap damage and the target must make a Fortitude save (DC 31) or be stunned for 1 round.

During Phase II, increase damage to triple damage.

Tidal Roar (Su)

Once every 1d4+1 rounds as a swift action, Leviathan sends out an echoing roar lowering all nearby creatures’ combat prowess within a 30-ft.-radius. Creatures within the area of effect are shaken and inflicted with a penalty to Attack rolls equal to 1d4+5 for 1d4+1 rounds unless they succeed a Will save (DC 25) to negate it.

Blue mages may learn this ability as a 6th level spell (Knowledge: Planes DC 27).

Tidal Rush (Su) [Phase I only]

On a round after Submerge unless not over the water, as a full round action, Leviathan bursts from the water, unleashing a wave, dealing 2d6 water damage, a Reflex save (DC 20 +3 per stack of Ferocious Current) halves this damage. After damage is applied, a bull rush with a bonus of 15 +3 per Ferocious Current stack. In addition, Tidal Rush affects the ship, dealing 5d6 water damage. A successful Profession: Sailor check either halves (DC 23) or negates (DC 31) this damage. Leviathan then makes a bull rush attempt to push the ship away (CMD = Profession: Sailor check).

Tsunami (Su) [Begin Phase II]

Once under 50% hp (504) as a standard action, Leviathan summons a massive wave, dealing 15d6 points of water damage and washing everyone above deck overboard or 120 ft. from Leviathan must make a Reflex Save (DC 25) for half damage. All combatants are transported to the extradimensional space Leviathan Submerges too, beginning phase 2.


Whirlpool (Su)

Once every 1d4+1 rounds as a standard action, Leviathan awakens a pool of water that immobilizes his target in place within 50 ft. Any creatures within 15 feet-radius of the target take 10d6 points of water damage and are inflicted with Immobilize status effect for 1d6 rounds. All creatures within the area of effect must make a Will save (DC 25) for half the damage and negate the status effect.

Blue mages may learn this ability as a 6th level spell (Knowledge: Planes DC 27).