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Siren (FF5) [Alive]A woman in a blue dress and blonde hair walks over to you but despite your party knowing she was more dangerous than she appeared.

Siren (FFV) [Alive] (CR 4)

XP 1,200
NE Medium Humanoid (Boss, Hume)
Init +7; Senses Low-light vision; Perception +10


AC 14, touch 13, flat-footed 11 (+3 Dex, +1 Armor)
hp 84 [120] (5d8+20)
mp 17
Fort +4; Ref +4; Will +9
Resistance All 5; SR 15


Speed 30 ft.
Melee Quarterstaff +3 (1d6+1)
Ranged Shadow Power Staff +5 (1d6+5)
Special Attacks Transfer (3d4 half holy/shadow damage, 7 uses)
Burst Mode Pulse of Balance
Spells Known (FC CL 5th, concentration +10)

0th (DC 15) – Dark Orb, Holy Orb, Read Magic, Resistance
1st (DC 16) – Blizzard, Cure, Protect, Regen, Ruin, Shell, Sleep, Thunder
2nd (DC 17) – Blizzard II, Cure II, Light II, Silence, Thunder II
3rd (DC 18) – Blizzara, Haste, Slow


Str 12, Dex 16, Con 16, Int 20, Wis 20, Cha 12
Base Atk +3; CMB +4; CMD 17
Feats Extra MP, Empower Spell, Improved Initiative, Toughness
Skills Appraise +10, Heal +13, Knowledge (Arcana, Local, Planes, Religion) +10, Perception +10, Spellcraft +10
Languages Common, Draconic, Elvaan, Moogle + 2 more
SQ Clear Mind, Curiosity, Focused Caster, Integrated, Mage Talents (Concentrate, Spell Lore), Metamagic Enhancement, Magery (Spell Penetration +1), Spell Proficiency, Undead Transforms
Gear +1 bracers of armor, cure potion (1), Power Staff: Shadow, Quarterstaff


Pulse of Balance (Su)

This Burst Mode allows Siren to cause an intense burst of gray light to pulse through her and her allies within 30 feet, healing for 2d8 points of damage and dealing 4d4 points of damage (half holy/shadow) to all enemies within the area of effect. A Reflex save (DC 10 + half of the Siren’s level + her Wisdom modifier) for half damage. Any affected allies that are unconscious and brought to consciousness as a result of the initial healing and are prone are immediately brought to their feet (this action does not provoke attacks of opportunity and brings back Undead creatures).

Curiosity (Ex)

Humes naturally inquisitive about the world around them. They gain a +4 bonus on Diplomacy checks to gather information, and Knowledge (history) and Knowledge (local) become class skills for them. If they choose a class that has either of these Knowledge skills as class skills, they gain a+2 racial bonus on those skills instead.

Gray Seal (Ex)

Siren can increase the potency of her next healing or elemental spell as a swift action, so long as the casting time of the spell is 1 standard action or less. The next healing spell that Siren casts heals for half again as many hit points or the next elemental spell that Siren casts deals half again as much damage as normal. She can use this ability once per day.

Integrated (Ex)

Humes gain a +1 racial bonus on Bluff, Disguise, and Knowledge (local) checks

Skilled (Ex)

Humes gain an additional skill rank at first level and one additional rank whenever they gain a level

Sociable (Ex)

When humes attempt to change a creature’s attitude with a Diplomacy check and fail by 5 or more, they can try to influence the creature a second time even if 24 hours have not pass

Transfer (Su)

Siren surrounds her hand with a dark yet light power, causing terrible wounds to open on those she touches and transfer them to a nearby ally or self. Each day she can use this ability 7 times. As a touch attack, Siren can cause 3d4 points of damage (half holy/shadow). Using this ability is a standard action unless Siren targets herself, in which case it is a swift action. that does not provoke attacks of opportunity. Siren can use this power to heal an ally within 30 feet of herself or just herself, restoring 3d4 hit points.

Undead Transform (Su)

Once every 1d2+1 rounds as an immediate action, Siren can convert herself over as an undead being with completely different stats and abilities. She retains her new health bar for her undead form however she retains any damage taken in her human form when she converts back over.