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This brilliantly colored wyrm dragon has scales, teeth, and claws made of multicolored crystal, and its wings are sheets of flexible glass.

Crystal Dragon, wyrm (CR 23)

XP 819,200
CN or LN Colossal Dragon (Non-elemental)
Init +6; Senses Dragon senses; Perception +43
Aura Scintillating Aura (90 ft., DC 38)


AC 49, touch 4, flat-footed 47 (+2 dex, +45 natural, -8 size)
hp 610 [792] (33d12+396)
mp 285
Fort +30, Ref +20, Will +25
Defensive Abilities Ray Reflection; DR 20/magic; Immune Paralysis, Sleep; SR 34


Speed 60 ft., Climb 30 ft., Fly 250 ft. (clumsy)
Melee Bite +41 (4d8+24 plus 4d6 non-elemental damage/19-20), 2 Claws +40 (4d6+16 plus 2d6 non-elemental damage), Tail Slap +38 (4d6+24 plus non-elemental damage), 2 Wings +38 (2d8+8 plus 2d6 non-elemental)
Space 30 ft.; Reach 20 ft. (30 ft. with bite)
Special Abilities Dragon Force
Special Attacks Breath Weapon (70-ft. Cone, 40d4 non-elemental damage, Reflex DC 38 half, usable every 1d4 rounds), Crush (Large Creatures, DC 38, 4d8+24), Heaven’s Cataract, Miasma, Mighty Roar, Tail Sweep (Medium Creatures, 2d8+24, DC 38)
Spells Known (FC CL 33th, Concentration +42)

At will (DC 19) – Amanuensis, Detect Magic, Mending, Message Moment, Read Magic

1st (DC 20) – Anticipate Peril, Deceleration, Mage Armor, True Strike

2nd (DC 21)Clockwork Timer, Delay Response, Lesser Celerity, Recall Agony, Slow Magic, Time Shudder

3rd (DC 22)Alter Fortune, Blink, Dimension Step, Dispel, Haste, Mass Deceleration, Slow

       4th (DC 23) – Baleful Blink, Celerity, Dimension Door, Temporal Jolt, Time Shield

       5th (DC 24) – Anticipatory Strike, Greater Blink, Second Chance, Temporary Repair

       6th (DC 25) – 24 Hours, Age Resistance, Contingency, Greater Dispel, Hastega, Mass Recall Agony, Slowga

       7th (DC 26) – Déjà vu, Fate of One, Lesser Time Stop, Reverse, Slow Skin, Stop, Time Spellsurge

       8th (DC 27) – Greater Celerity, Moment of Prescience, Recall Death, Withering

       9th (DC 28) – Paradox Haze, Stopga, Timeless Body, Time Regression, Time Stop


Str 43, Dex 14, Con 34, Int 22, Wis 25, Cha 28
Base Atk +33; CMB +57; CMD 69 (73 vs. trip)
Feats All-Consuming Swing, Cleave, Cleaving Finish, Deceitful, Great Cleave, Great Fortitude, Greater Vital Strike, Hover, Improved Critical (Bite), Improved Initiative, Improved Vital Strike, Lightning Reflexes, Multiattack, Power Attack, Vital Strike, Weapon Focus (Bite), Wingover
Skills Appraise +42, Bluff +49, Climb +60, Disguise +46, Fly +20, Intimidate +46, Knowledge (Dungeoneering, Geography) +43, Perception +43, Sense Motive +43, Stealth +22; Racial Modifiers +8 Climb
Languages Common, Draconic + 6 others (DM’s choice)
SQ Razor Sharp


Dragon Force (Su)

A crystal dragon releases the dragon soul within, improving itself or an ally by touch. This ability grants the subject an increase to all physical damage, melee and range, by +1 per three caster levels. It also grants the subject an increase to all magical damage and healing by +1 per three caster levels. This ability lasts for a minute. Blue mages may learn this ability as an 8th level spell (Knowledge: Arcana DC 31).

Heaven’s Cataract (Su)

As a standard action, a crystal dragon creates an eerie sound affecting anyone within a 30-ft. radius from her. Those caught in the eerie waves takes 12d4 points of non-elemental damage and must make a Will save (DC 35) to negate the status effect and reduce the damage by half. The status effect reduces all enemies’ resistance to saving throws versus spells by 2 and deflection bonus to Armor Class by 2 for 1d6 rounds. Anyone that cannot hear is immune to this effect. Blue mages may learn this ability as a 6th level spell (Knowledge: Arcana DC 27).

Mighty Roar (Su)

Once every 1d4 rounds as a standard action, the crystal dragon brings out a mighty roar. Any creature within the area is deafened for 6d6 rounds, stunned for 1 round, and takes 15d6 points of non-elemental damage. Any exposed brittle or crystalline object or crystalline creature takes 1d6 points of non-elemental damage per caster level (maximum 20d6). A creature in the area of the cone can negate the stunning and halve both the damage and the duration of the deafness with a successful Fortitude save (DC 32). A creature holding vulnerable objects can attempt a Reflex save to negate the damage to those objects. Blue mages may learn this ability as a 8th level spell (Knowledge: Arcana DC 31).

Razor Sharp (Ex)

All of a crystal dragon’s natural attacks deal slashing damage.

Ray Reflection (Ex)

A crystal dragon’s scales reflect ray spells back upon the ray’s source if the ray fails to overcome the dragon’s spell resistance.

Scintillating Aura (Su)

A crystal dragon radiates an aura of scintillating color from its jeweled scales to a radius of 90 feet. All within this area must make a Will save each round to avoid being stunned (if the victim has 15 or fewer Hit Dice) or confused (if the victim has more than 15 Hit Dice) for 1 round. The save DC is equal to the dragon’s breath weapon save DC. This is a mind-affecting effect. The dragon can activate or suppress this aura as a free action.