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A spirit that takes the form of a beautiful woman. It charms beasts and monsters alike with its eerie beauty, It lends them power, but in returns slowly steals their life energy. Monsters which have been granted power by leanan are capable of breaking through powerful seals, so these are the natural foes to those who protect such seals.

Leanan (CR 11)

XP 12,800
CN Medium Fey (Fire)
Init +4; Senses darkvision 60 ft., low-light vision; Perception +32
Aura Lava Dome (40-ft., fire resistance reduction for 1d4 rounds, Will DC 21 negates)


AC 23, touch 18, flat-footed 18 (+3 deflect, +4 dex, +1 dodge, +5 natural)
hp 98 (14d6+56)
mp 61
Fort +12, Ref +17, Will +15
DR 10/magic; Immune critical hits, death effects, poison, sneak attacks, fire; Strong Ice
Weakness Water


Speed 30 ft.
Melee Slam +7 (1d6 plus burn) or Touch +7 (1d2 Wis damage)
Special Attacks Burn (1d6 fire damage, DC 21), Healing Flame, Mesmerizing Voice
Spells Known (FC CL 14th, Concentration +18)

At will (DC 14) bleeddetect magic, mendingmessage, read magic
1st (DC 15) fire, sleep (DC 14)

2nd (DC 16) detonate II, fire II, silence (DC 15)

       3rd (DC 17) – Fira, Fire III, Sleepga (DC 17)

       4th (DC 18) – Comet, Fire IV, Silencega (DC 18)


Str 10, Dex 19, Con 18, Int 18, Wis 15, Cha 16
Base Atk +7; CMB +7; CMD 21
Feats Alertness, Combat Casting, Dodge, Elemental Focus (fire), Greater Elemental Focus (fire), Silent Spell, Spell Penetration
Skills Acrobatics +20, Bluff +20, Escape Artist +20, Knowledge (arcana, local, nature) +20, Perception +18, Sense Motive +18, Spellcraft +20, Stealth +20
Languages Aquan, Slyvan, Undercommon + 1 others (DM’s choice)
SQ Liquid Form


Burn (Ex)

A leanan deals fire damage in addition to damage dealt on a successful hit in melee. Those affected by the burn ability must also succeed on a Reflex save or catch fire, taking the listed damage for an additional 1d4 rounds at the start of its turn. A burning creature can attempt a new save as a full-round action. Dropping and rolling on the ground grants a +4 bonus on this save. Creatures that hit a burning creature with natural weapons or unarmed attacks take fire damage as though hit by the burning creature and must make a Reflex save to avoid catching on fire.

Healing Flame (Su)

Once every 1d3 rounds as a standard action, Leanan manifests a scared flame beneath her foe up to 30 feet away, dealing 6d6 points of damage (half holy/fire) and heals herself for half the damage dealt. The target must make a successful Fortitude save (DC 21) to take half damage and Leanan does not gain any hit points. Blue mages may learn this ability as a 4th level spell (Knowledge: Nature DC 23).

Lava Dome (Su)

All creatures within a 30-foot radius from leanan must make a DC 21 Will save or have their fire resistance dropped by 10 for 1d4 rounds. Whether or not the save is successful, that creature cannot be affected again by the same leanan’s lava dome ability for 24 hours. The save DC is Charisma-based.

Liquid Form (Su)

A leanan is always in liquid-lava form. She gains immunity to critical hits, poison, and sneak attacks. She also has DR/10 magic. She retains her own base speed.

Mesmerizing Voice (Su)

Leanan sings a mesmerizing song that charms all those nearby her. Creatures within 30 feet of leanan must make a Will save (DC 21) or be charmed for 1 minute. Blue mages may learn this ability as a 4th level spell (Knowledge: Nature DC 23).

Unearthly Grace (Su)

A leanan adds her Charisma modifier as a racial bonus on all her saving throws and as a deflection bonus to her AC.