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Veteran Quadav (CR 3)

XP 800
Quadav Holy Knight 4
NG Medium Humanoid (Reptilian, Quadav)
Init +3; Senses Low-light vision, sense evil; Perception +2


AC 16, touch 11, flat-footed 16 (+3 armor, +1 shield, +1 deflect, +1 natural)
HP 36 (4d10+12)
MP 2
Fort +10, Reflex +4, Will +9
Defensive Abilities Full Withdrawal; Resist Water 5


Speed 20 ft., Swim 30 ft.
Melee +1 Quadav Knight Sword +8 (1d10+4/19-20)
Special Attacks Divine Arts (5/day, Sheltron), Lay on Hands (5/day, 2d6)
Special Abilities Blessing (Cures blind status), Cover (+3 AC, 10 ft.), Oath Stance, Shared Defense (3 rounds, +1 AC)
Spells Known (Holy Knight CL 1st, Concentration +4)

1st (DC 14) cure, enlight, fearna, phalanx, sun metal


Str 16, Dex 10, Con 16, Int 10, Wis 14, Cha 16
Base Atk +4; CMB +7; CMD 17
Feats Power Attack, Step Up
Skills Diplomacy +10, Sense Motive +9
Languages Common, Quadav
SQ First Into Battle, Hold Breath, Holy Grace, Steel Shelled
Gear cure potion(2), 1st-lvl holy knight scroll, quadav knight sword +1, quadav studded leather, ring of protection +1


Full Withdrawal (Ex)

As a full round action, quadav may retract their body into their shell. This allows them to gain DR/5 Bludgeoning. It also allows for 20% concealment. When they use this ability, they immediately fall prone, drop anything they were holding, and any item that isn’t directly attached to their skin. While they are in this form, they cannot make attacks, use items, or cast spells. They must remain in this form for at least one complete round. To come out of their shell, they must spend another full round action (this does not provoke AoO).

Hold Breath (Ex)

Quadav can hold their breath underwater for a number of rounds equal to four times their Constitution score before risking drowning or suffocating.

Steel Shelled (Ex)

As a quadav gets older the harder its shell gets and gains a +1 natural armor bonus.