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Vanu Vanu Abbot (CR 9)

XP 6,400
Vanu Vanu White Mage 9
NG Medium Humanoid (Avian, Vanu Vanu)
Init +3; Senses Low-light vision; Perception +5


AC 14, touch 14, flat-footed 11 (+2 dex, +1 dodge, +1 deflect)
hp 58 [81] (9d6+27)
mp 51
Fort +6, Ref +6, Will +11
Defensive Abilities Elemental’s Gift; Resist Wind 5;


Speed 30 ft.
Melee Dagger +5 (1d4+1/19-20 x2)
Ranged +1 Light Power Staff +8 (1d6+6)
Special Abilities Divine Seal (2/day), Metamagic Enhancement (5/day), Innate Spell (Mage Armor, Light II; [1/day each]), Lay on Hands (11/day, Heal 4d6)
Spells Known (White Mage CL 9th, concentration +14)

At will (DC 15) – Alleviate, Daze, Guidance, Holy Orb, Stabilize, Virtue
1st (DC 16) – Blind, Charm, Cure, Deshell, Dia, Heal, Light, Mage Armor, Regen
2nd (DC 17) – Aid, Cure II, Grace, Light II
3rd (DC 18) – Cura, Deshell II, Haste, Lightra
4th (DC 19) – Diara, Hold, Holy, Light IV
5th (DC 20) – Curaga, Lightga


Str 12, Dex 16, Con 16, Int 8, Wis 20, Cha 14
Base Atk +4; CMB +5; CMD 19
Feats Combat Casting, Dodge, Extra MP, Quicken Spell, Silent Spell
Skills Spellcraft +11; Racial Modifiers +1 Bluff, +1 Diplomacy;
Languages Common, Vanu
SQ Auto RegenClear Mind, Divine CaressFocused Caster, Gift of Tongues, Mage Talents (Empowered Magic, Healing Spell [8/day], Spell Lore, Vigor [8/day]), Sky Sentinel, Spell ProficiencyWhite Magery (Increased Healing +1, Healing Mastery +2),
Gear cure potion (4), dagger, light power staff +1, ring of protection +1


Elemental’s Gift (Ex)

The elementals know that the Vanu Vanu are more susceptible to attacks from foreign races and monster and grant them their wind ability. Once per day, as a swift action, a vanu can grant himself a +2 deflection bonus to AC against ranged attacks for 1 minute.

Gift of Tongues (Ex)

Vanu gain a +1 racial bonus on Bluff and Diplomacy checks, and they learn one additional language every time they put a rank in the Linguistics skill.

Sky Sentinel (Ex)

Vanu gain a +1 racial bonus on attack rolls, a +2 dodge bonus to AC, and a +2 bonus on Perception checks against flying creatures. In addition, enemies on higher ground gain no attack roll bonus against vanu.