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At first, the creature’s indigo and aquamarine crystals make it somewhat difficult to see in the background of the stormy, blue-gray sky, but a flash of lightning reveals him in all his glory. Before you flies the great and terrible Yomi, and he gives a shrieking, tormented scream. Prepare yourself, for death is sure to follow.– Manly Man

Cie’th, Yomi (CR 19)

XP 204,800
NE Large Outsider (Cie’th, Native)
Init +15; Senses Darkvision 120 ft.; Perception +33


AC 48, touch 30, flat-footed 27 (+16 dex, +18 natural, +5 dodge, -1 size)
hp 385 (22d10+264)
Fort +24, Ref +29, Will +14
DR 20/adamantine and good and magic or crystal and good and magic; Immune bleed, daze, death effects, imperil, mind-affecting, stun; Resist Fire/Ice/Lighting/Wind/Earth/Water 20, holy/shadow 10; SR 30


Speed 40 ft., fly 90 ft. (good)
Melee Slam +36 (1d6+9, 17-20/x2), 2 Wings +33 (1d6+9, 17-20/x2)
Special Attacks Impenetrable Aura, Putrescence, Wicked Whirl, Wind Shear


Str 28, Dex 42, Con 32, Int 2, Wis 26, Cha 18
Base Atk +21; CMB +30; CMD 47
Feats Ability Focus (Putrescence), Ability Focus (Wicked Whirl), Critical Focus, Dodge, Flyby Attack, Multiattack, Improved Critical (Slam, Wing), Staggering Critical, Toughness, Weapon Finesse
Skills Fly +46, Perception +33
Languages Common (cannot speak)
SQ Confounding Grace, Improved Uncanny Dodge, Razor Wings


Confounding Grace (Ex)

Yomi can, while in flight, use the total defense action as a swift action. This is included in the statblock above.

Impenetrable Aura (Su)

As a full-round action, Yomi can surround himself in a shield of replenishing light. Any negative status effects are removed, and for 3 rounds, he is rendered completely invincible and is unaffected by any other spells or abilities, while recovering 10d6 hit points per round. However, while the shield is erect, he can take no actions at all, and must wait at least one round before using it again.

Improved Uncanny Dodge (Ex)

Along with the benefits of the uncanny dodge ability, Yomi can no longer be flanked. This defense denies a thief the ability to sneak attack Yomi by flanking him, unless the attacker has at least four more thief levels than the Yomi’s HD.

Putrescence (Su)

From the glowing red core in Yomi’s chest pours a cloud of black and magenta mist, robbing enemies of their strength. All enemies in a 45 ft. cone take 12d8 points of non-elemental damage (DC 31 Reflex save for half damage) and are subjected to a targeted greater dispel effect, using Yomi’s HD in place of a caster level. Enemies that failed the Reflex save must also make a Fortitude save (DC 31) or be afflicted with the Disease status effect until cured, and suffer the Sap status effect for 1d6 minutes. Success results in being Poisoned for 1d6 rounds instead. Blue mages may learn this ability as a 8th-level spell (Knowledge: Local DC 31).

Wicked Whirl (Su)

As a full-round action, Yomi can tear into his enemies with devastating force. Up to three times per day, he can make a full attack that applies the rolls made for a single full attack to all enemies within a 30 ft. radius of him, dealing his normal attack damage (multiplying criticals as appropriate), and adding another 6d6 wind damage to each attack, (DC 31 Reflex save for half damage, required for each attack) and all enemies struck must make a DC 31 Fortitude save or take 2d6 bleed damage that stacks with other sources of bleed damage for 1d6 rounds afterward. Success negates the bleed damage.

Wind Shear (Su)

Gathering the very air itself into knifing blades, Yomi then hurls them in the direction of his victims. As a standard action, Yomi can make a series of four ranged touch attacks within 100 feet, all of which deal 5d8 points of wind damage and 1d6 bleed damage that stacks with other sources of bleed damage. A successful Fortitude save (DC 29) negates the bleed damage. Blue mages may learn this ability as an 8th-level spell (Knowledge: Local DC 31).

Razor Wings (Ex)

The layers of crystal that line Yomi’s wings like deadly feathers have a fine edge to them, allowing his natural attacks to deal both bludgeoning and slashing damage, and also increasing their critical threat range to 19-20.


Environment any
Organization unique
Treasure none

Behold, for the powerful Cie’th known as Yomi is one of a kind. Once a proud and capable l’Cie, able to even fight off such great monsters as vampire Cie’th and behemoths with ease, Yomi’s life, and chance to complete his Focus, were cut short by a tragic happenstance. Standing before his appointed goal, Yomi was robbed of its completion by a stray bolt of lightning from the stormclouds above him, slaying him almost instantly. The sheer hatred and righteous indignation of being so close and yet so far drove him into Cie’thdom swiftly, and although he does not hold the power of the Undying, his luminous core pulsates with negativity rivaling theirs. Now, cursing and damning his circumstances, Yomi’s appearances are heralded by thunderstorms that rock the countryside, his pained cries falling on ears deafened by the skies he soars.

Yomi prefers to begin battle with his putrescence ability, hopefully shutting down much of his enemies’ magical boosts, and will readily use it again if he finds that they have somehow restored them. From there, he typically makes heavy use of wind shear, usually spreading the attacks amongst multiple creatures. If he drops below half health, then he uses wicked whirl as soon as he can, and if the enemies have not perished yet, he uses his impenetrable aura ability on his next available turn.

Yomi is 9 feet tall with a 17-foot wingspan and weighs about 225 pounds.