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Great reapers, takers of life, ghost-kin in name but gods of death in truth. Being originally sent from on high to work upon mortals, texts in all religions mention these beings with fear and awe. While each account differs, all agree on one thing: that the reapers exist only to free the soul of its earthly bonds and bear it back to the heavens. They appear before us to foretell our deaths, appearing again only when the time for severing worldly ties has come.

Reaper (CR 15)

XP 51,200
NE Medium Undead
Init +8; Senses darkvision 60 ft.; Perception +22


AC 26, touch 14, flat-footed 22 (+4 Dex, +12 natural)
hp 186 (19d8+114)
mp 114
Fort +11, Ref +12, Will +14
Defensive Abilities Channel Resistance +4; DR 10/-; Immune Gravity, Petrification/Statue, Stop, Undead traits; SR 26
Weakness Holy


Speed Fly 30 ft. (average)
Melee 2 scythe claws +20 (2d4+5/19-20 ×4) or flurry +18/+18/+18 (2d4+5/19-20 x4)
Space 5 ft. Reach 5 ft.
Special Attacks Death Cutter, Ectosmash, Flurry of Death, Lvl. 5 Death, Rend Armor
Spells Known (FC CL 19th; concentration +24)

1st (DC 16) – blizzard, dark, enfeeblement, fire, ruin, thunder
2nd (DC 17) – blizzard II, dark II, fire II, poison, silence, thunder II
3rd (DC 18) – bio, blizzara, blizzard III, dark III, darkra, dispel, fira, fire III, infect, mass enfeeblement, thundara, thunder III
4th (DC 19) – blizzard IV, dark IV, disable, fire IV, poisonga, ruinra, silencega, thunder IV
5th (DC 20) – biora, blizzaga, burn, darkga, drain, firaga, freeze, gloom, gravity, infectga, mass immobilize, poisonja, thundaga
6th (DC 21) – abyss, berserk, burst, confusion, feeblemind, flare, glacier, greater dispel, mass disable, rasp, ruinga, silenceja, syphon


Str 20, Dex 19, Con —, Int 12, Wis 16, Cha 20
Base Atk +14; CMB +19; CMD 33
Feats Cleave, Combat Reflexes, Critical Focus, Great Cleave, Improved Critical (scythe claw), Improved Initiative, Lightning Reflexes, Power Attack, Toughness, Weapon Focus (scythe claw)
Skills Climb +12, Intimidate +19, Perception +22, Sense Motive +18, Stealth +24, Survival +18
SQ Undeathly Grace


Death Cutter (Su)

Once every 1d4 rounds, the reaper can make a a single melee attack as a standard action. If it hits, the target takes the damage of the attack and must make a Fortitude save (DC 21) or be inflicted with the Doom status (as the countdown spell, not the doom spell).

Blue mages may learn this ability as a 6th-level spell (Knowledge: Religion DC 27).

Ectosmash (Su)

A reaper can teleport adjacent to any foe within 30 ft. and make a single attack.

Blue mages may learn this ability as a 3rd level spell (Knowledge: Religion DC 21).

Flurry of Death (Ex)

Similar to a monk, a reaper can make a flurry of blows attack at the expense of accuracy. It can make one extra attack per round as a full attack action, but each attack receives a -2 penalty.

Lvl. 5 Death (Su)

2/day, the reaper can call forth a great wraith who scythes at all enemies within a 30 ft. radius of the reaper. All creatures with a total HD that is a multiple of 5 must make a Fortitude save (DC 21) or die.

Blue mages may learn this ability as a 6th-level spell (Knowledge: Religion DC 27).

Rend Armor (Ex)

If a reaper hits with both scythe claws, it pulls apart any armor worn by its foe. This attack deals 4d4+10 points of damage to the opponent’s armor. Creatures not wearing armor are unaffected by this special attack. Armor reduced to 0 hit points is destroyed. Damaged armor may be repaired with a successful Craft (armorsmithing) check.

Undeathly Grace (Ex)

Reaper move aloft making them hover. This gives it movement as though it was under the effect of a float spell; this effect cannot be dispelled this also makes them immune to any movement impairments like root, immobilize, and slow.