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School elemental(lightning); Level blue mage 2


Casting Time see chart


Range see chart
Area see chart
Duration see chart
Saving Throw See chart; Spell Resistance see chart


The caster can emulate a charging up effect similar to the Zaghnol. Once the caster has determined what the effect is, the caster can choose who and where to target it. If the caster doesn’t like their result, they can cancel the effect but at the cost of casting time and MP used. To determine the effect of the charge, roll a 1d10 on the following chart:

1d10 Spell Effect
1 Thunder
2, 3, 4 Thunder II
5, 6 Defensive Shock
7, 8 Elemental Touch (Lightning)
9 Thundara
10 Thunder III


Learned From Zaghnol and Ochre Jelly