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Price 500 gil; Tier 1; Slot -; CL 5th; Weight 0.1 lb; Aura faint elemental (ice)


Unique structures within yeti’s lungs cause atmospheric moisture to form icy tubes, with openings on either side which permit the flow of air. Over time, these tubular structures grow ever more intricate, and when they are later forcibly removed from the yeti’s chest cavity, they become the curious objects known as arctic winds, and are highly collectable. An artic wind is a slender cylinder with hollow ends, made of raging arctic winds.


On contact, after a ranged touch attack, this cylinder shatters and inflicts Blizzard II (3d6+6 ice damage; DC 13 Fortitude partial save) on the target.


Cost 250 gil; Feats Craft Alchemical Item; Spells Blizzard II