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Sin Eater Family

The first Sin Eater to appear on the First was Eden, a being of pure light whose power to shift the balance of aether in an area caused the Flood of LightMinfilia Warde sacrificed herself to cease it from consuming Norvrandt by placing Eden in a deep sleep within a region of the global wasteland known as the Empty. The Sin Eaters created from those consumed in the Flood invaded Norvrandt while the stronger ones sired new Sin Eaters from their victims by planting seeds of Light and corrupting the aether of their bodies. Eventually, the most powerful Sin Eaters dubbed Lightwardens by the locals emerged, acting as the most powerful class of Sin Eater, existing in a small number and radiating aether to saturate every corner of their territory with Light. Lesser Sin Eaters were drawn to serve them and would dissipate once a Lightwarden was killed. However, once killed the essence of a Lightwarden transferred to the nearest living creature, ensuring their revival and rebirth from temporary death by making their host a new replacement Lightwarden.

Due to the Flood of Light, the Sin Eaters took foothold in Norvrandt’s regions due to the Lightwardens placing the land in perpetual light and being able to reconstitute themselves after their aether disbursts upon defeat. The Sin Eaters engaged in combat with the locales for years, slowly assimilating the populace and purging continents of sentient life.

Sin Eater Subtype
Sin Eaters are outsiders who live on the Material Plane.
Sin Eaters possess a particular suite of traits (unless otherwise noted in a creature’s entry) as summarized here.

  • Immunity to death effects, holy, mind-affecting effects, and petrification/statue.
  • Resistant to lightning and fire by 10.
  • Damage reduction 5/evil.
  • Spell resistance CR + 11.
  • Unlike other native outsiders, Sin Eaters have no need to breathe.