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Complication (Social)


Value 2 JP per level


The superhero is feared and hated for something that he cannot change. The superhero could have mutant genes, or just have a look on his face that people hate.

  • Level 1 (2 JP): The superhero experiences occasional taunts from strangers, and often find his subjected to epithets or unpleasant scrutiny. Sometimes, shops or restaurants won’t admit the superhero, but the superhero is free from actual violence.
  • Level 2 (4 JP): The superhero faces a society with a deeply entrenched suspicion of his kind (whatever “kind” that might be), and as a result experience constant discrimination, embarrassment, disdain, and occasionally even threats or physical assaults.
  • Level 3 (6 JP): The prejudice the superhero face is officially sanctioned by the government of the society in which he lives. The superhero is formally treated as a second-class citizen, if he has any rights at all, and he must often submit himself to some kind of official surveillance system and have restricted freedom of movement.