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With a swift thrust, you can deliver a gouging blow.

Prerequisite(s): Weapon Focus, BAB +3.


You gain a TP Pool, which begins at 0 and maximizes at 30. For each successful polearm attack you make or get struck by a melee or ranged attack, you gain 1 TP. At 10 TP or more, you may spend all TP to deliver a special polearm attack that takes the place of an attack in a full-attack or just a single attack. This attack deals damage as normal + 2d6 points of damage. At 20 TP or more, you may spend all TP to deal + 4d6 points of damage. At 30 TP, you may spend all TP to deal + 6d6 damage. This TP Pool lasts until you sleep for the night, in the morning, it empties out. In addition, your weapon attacks from the polearm weapon group deal an additional point of damage for each weapon skill feat in this line that you have.