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Price 7,000 gil (+2), 28,000 gil (+4), 63,000 gil (+6); Slot ring; CL 10th; Weight —; Aura moderate enhancing


A ring of woven metal, intricately designed to be either a linking chain or interlocking 8s. Extremely light and warm to the touch, this ring allows its wearer to expand a facet of their being.


Every morning, and/or on first wearing, the wearer can choose a single ability score to gain an enhancement bonus of +2, +4 or +6. This bonus counts as permanent if the wearer keeps the same choice for a full day, though if it is ever changed they become temporary again if chosen. If the ring is ever removed the bonus is lost, becoming temporary again on retrieval until they wear it for another full day.

The ring, if used for Intelligence, works the same as a normal headband. The skill/s and extra language/s it is associated with are decided when the ring is created.


Cost 3,500 gil (+2), 14,000 gil (+4), 31,500 gil (+6); Feats Forge RingSpells Dwarf’s Endurance, Lesser, Elvaan’s Splendor, Lesser, Galka’s Strength, Lesser, Mithra’s Grace, Lesser, Moogle’s Wisdom, Lesser, Tarutaru’s Cunning, Lesser;

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