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You are able to set up healing spells in advance so that they instantly take effect at the most opportune moments, especially those that take place on the field of battle.

Prerequisite: Ability to cast cure spells (a cure spell is any spell with “cure” in its name).


A contingent spell infuses a target with a dormant healing or restorative spell that can trigger when the target needs it the most. This metamagic feat can be applied to only cure spells; breath of life; or any harmless spell that can be used to remove ability score damage, ability score drain, or a negative condition or effect. When you cast a contingent spell, you must set a specific trigger that dictates under what circumstances the target is immediately subject to the spell’s effects (for instance, “When the target dies, breath of life takes effect”). The contingent spell’s effects can remain dormant within the target for up to 10 minutes per caster level you have. A creature can be infused with only one contingent spell at a time.

MP Increase: +2 (a contingent spell costs 2 additional MP more than the actual MP cost of the spell.)