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Price 24,000 gil; Slot hand; CL 12th; Weight 5 lbs; Aura strong enhancing


This solid looking hand made of stone has 3 indentations on the Ring, Middle and Index fingers, circling around to resemble a space where rings used to be worn. The glove can open up its wrist section to show that the hand is hollow, like a gauntlet, allowing any humanoid to wear it on their left or right hand, with it changing shape based on its wearer and that of which hand it is placed.


Whilst wearing this glove, the wearer may wear up to 3 rings on the gauntlet, but not underneath it, benefiting from all 3 at once, alongside the 1 on their other hand, however, their effects still do not stack with similar bonuses. While this glove is worn, the hand it is equipped to is useless, as the gauntlet cannot move, disallowing two-handing weapons or activating items. It takes 1 full-round action to unlock the glove and a move action to take it off, with the same actions required for equipping it. A character may only benefit from 1 glove at a time, regardless of how many limbs they have, if a two-armed creature is wearing 2 of these items, they would have to destroy the glove to remove it or gain outside assistance. If the rings are unaffected by Dispel, but the glove is, then the rings are turned off.  

This hand has a hardness of 10 and an HP of 35.


Cost 12,000 gil; Feats Craft Wondrous ItemSpells Meld Into Stone, Stone Fist, Stone Shape;

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