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School enfeebling (compulsion) [emotion, mind-affecting]; Level black mage 6


Casting Time 1 standard action


Range touch
Target creature touched
Duration 1 round/level
Saving Throw Will negates; Spell Resistance yes


The target of this spell receives the Berserk status effect.

Berserk: This status effect causes the character to fly into a rage, attacking the nearest enemy creature. Once a target is chosen, the subject charges (or takes the most direct path) and attacks the target with their held weapon at all costs until it dies or until the duration ends. If the subject cannot attack its target within their turn, they instead switch to another enemy creature that is nearest to them (if applicable). While under the effects of Berserk, the subject may only utilize move, attack, and full-attack actions in pursuit of and against their target. If the subject possesses any feats that augment the damage of an attack, they are used at every opportunity. The subject's mind is so clouded by unyielding rage that they forsake using ranged weapons (bows, guns, power weapons, etc) properly, and instead opt to either use them as improvised melee weapons or their bare fists (as an unarmed strike that does not provoke attacks of opportunity). Creatures affected by Berserk do not threaten other creatures besides their target. Additionally, the subject gains a +2 circumstance bonus to Strength, a -2 penalty to AC, and is immune to fear effects while under the effects of Berserk.