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Gravity Ball

School enfeebling/dark; Level astrologian 5, black mage 5, dark knight 4, necromancer 5, time mage 5


Casting Time 1 standard action


Range medium (100 ft. + 10 ft./level)
Area 30ft-radius
Duration 1 round/3 levels (D)
Saving Throw see text (objects); Spell Resistance yes (objects)


Summoning up an orb of dark matter, you toss it into a square, exploding into a large mass the dark matter forms a black hole that sucks in nearby creatures to their demise.

The gravity ball makes a 5ft black hole that sucks in any creature within a 30ft radius unless they make a fortitude save. Failing the save pulls the targets 10ft towards the black hole and halts any movement until their next turn as if affected by the immobilized status effect, any creatures that begin their turn within the area must make another fortitude save or be pulled in again. Creatures are pulled in until they are adjacent to the square the black hole occupies.

Creatures within 30ft of the black hole take 3d6 non-elemental damage, those within 20ft instead take 6d6 non-elemental damage, those within 10ft take 9d6 non-elemental damage, those who touch the black hole within 5ft (the 8 surrounding squares) take 12d6 non-elemental damage and are left stunned as their existence is pulled into nothingness, a reflex save reduces the damage by half for any distance and negates the stunned status effect. This damage occurs when the spell is cast, and then after every fortitude save made at the beginning of the targeted creature’s turns.


This spell was submitted as a part of the SCC for January 2021 by DeadKingKicker.