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Chasuble of Power

Price 8,000 gil (lesser), 18,000 gil (greater); Slot neck; CL 8th (lesser), 15th (greater); Weight 1 lb; Aura moderate enhancing


This long, embroidered strip of scarlet cloth is covered with arcane sigils and mystic designs.


Worn over the neck (occupying space on the body as an amulet), a chasuble of power adds an extra die of damage (lesser) or 2 extra dice of damage (greater) to any ranged touch attack supernatural ability that deals 1d6 or 1d8 (and multiples thereof like 2d6) points of damage the wearer has.

Cost 4,000 gil (lesser), 9,000 gil (greater); Feats Craft Wondrous ItemSpells Temper