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Price +7,500 gil; Aura moderate summoning; CL 10th; Weight


This special ability can be placed only on a light or one-handed melee weapon. 

A concealed weapon alters its shape at its wielder’s command, transforming into a non-weapon object of the wielder’s choice. This object must be a mundane item whose size and shape is similar to that of the concealed weapon or smaller, and it must be sized for a creature of the same size as the weapon’s intended wielder. For example, a Medium short sword can transform into a quill sized for a Medium creature, but it cannot transform into a saw sized for a Small creature. A concealed weapon cannot transform into a consumable item, and if its alternate form is that of a container, any contents stored within the concealed weapon’s alternate form are ejected into the wielder’s space when the weapon transforms back to its original form.

While transformed, a concealed weapon doesn’t register as magical, as per magic aura, though it retains the weight, hit points, and any hardness of its original form. A concealed weapon cannot assume the form of an object made from a special material (such as adamantine) unless it is already made of that material.

For instance, a wooden club cannot transform into a mithral frying pan, but a mithral dagger can.

Transforming a concealed weapon into a mundane form requires a standard action, while returning it to its weapon form requires a move action. This transformation lasts until it is changed back into its original form or has been left unattended for 8 hours, whichever comes sooner.


Feats Craft Magic Arms and Armor; Spells major summoning; Cost +3,750 gil