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The Turks have been known to rely on teamwork as they often have partners.

Prerequisite(s): Turkish Tactician Style, 7 ranks in Sense Motive and 3 ranks in Bluff.


While in Turkish Tactician Style and you have performed an Assessment, You can perform a Bluff check to convey a message to an ally within 30 feet that can see or hear you (this is a free action that can be performed once per round). The message must be no more than 10 words long and must be spoken in a language you and your ally understand or a signal you both know (such as a hand sign or a whistle). This message must reveal or hint at the details of your Assessment and you can add your Wisdom modifier as a competence bonus to the Bluff check. On a successful Bluff check, your ally receives the benefits of Assessment as if they used it themselves but can apply the insight bonus to attack rolls against the creature you assessed. This benefit lasts for a number of rounds equal to your Wisdom modifier and you can only have one creature Assessed at a time. If you Assess another creature before the previous assessment ends, the previous Assessment expires and the new one begins.